How many wins does this rotation get the Bucks?

I want proper analysis here, not just who are we better than responses. Even if a team is better than you, you can get 1 maybe 2 wins against them due to scheduling, you will likely also lose several games you should have won due to scheduling and other things. The roster for the most part would be the same with one major addition, Darren Collison, here is the roster/rotation.






That roster has 3 good shooters in the starting lineup, and you need to respect Collison when open, but also has high end defensive potential both in the starting lineup, and off the bench.

I really think our bench would be one of the better benches in the league with Wolters, Mayo, Giannis, Ersan, and Henson, giving us a huge edge in several portions of the game.

All in all, I feel this team would get into the 35-40 win ballpark, but could also fight even higher than that if Parker is as good as advertised, and Giannis improves enough to beat out Middleton for that starting spot. Another factor would be Larry staying on the court, and hope that Henson finally pieces it all together. Either way, I like this roster more than several teams in the East both now and in the future including the 76ers, Magic, Knicks, Celtics, Pistons, Hawks, Cavs, and Hornets.

I see the above team as a potential lightning in a bottle team like last seasons Suns or Raptors, but they would have all the tools needed for sustained growth and success.

What are the thoughts from the BrewHoop community?

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