Possible deals for OJ

Not a bad read over at chatsports:

What does everyone here think of these 3 possible deals?

Trade 1

Chicago Bulls get: O.J. Mayo, Zaza Pachulia

Bucks get: Carlos Boozer

Assuming the Bulls strike out on Carmelo Anthony, their first order of business will be finding someone to help chip in with wing scoring. Mayo—for all his defensive weaknesses—can provide that in spades.

Pachulia, meanwhile, would allow the Bulls to give Taj Gibson even heavier rotation minutes. Pachulia and Mayo's contracts are not ideal, but both stand to be eminently tradable leading up to their expiration in the summer of 2016. The Bucks could even throw in a draft pick to sweeten the deal on this front.

For Milwaukee, the trade serves a dual purpose, making it worse in the short term while cleaving open more cap space next summer, when the youth-laden Bucks might see fit to start moving their way up the Eastern Conference pecking order.

Trade 2

Oklahoma City Thunder get: O.J. Mayo

Bucks get: Kendrick Perkins

Clean-cut and simple. The Thunder could use a bit of extra scoring punch along the perimeter, particularly with Thabo Sefolosha—never the offensive threat to begin with—possibly departing this summer. Mayo is now the Swiss Guard on defense, but in a winning system he could prove to be quite the potent third or fourth option.

The Bucks, on the other hand, would—as with the previous trade—be getting quite the expiring contract in return.

Trade 3

New Orleans Pelicans get: O.J. Mayo, $2 million

Bucks get: Eric Gordon

New Orleans’ backcourt logjam is, by now, well-documented. This trade not only allows New Orleans to get out from under Gordon’s onerous deal but brings back a player who is lately accustomed to coming off the bench, which should help with the team’s rotational politics.

Milwaukee, meanwhile, gets an upgrade at shooting guard who, if healthy, could be a legitimate long-term solution. If not, the Bucks could be left hoping Gordon declines his $15 million player option—unlikely, considering this might well be his biggest payday.

Those who are worried about the extra baggage coming down the pike with Mayo's arrival should read no further than comments made by former Bucks coach Larry Drew in response to questions concerning the shooting guard's lack of playing time, via Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

O.J. is a real pro. The one thing I tell him is just 'You've got to stay ready.' He missed a stretch of games due to illness. He got out of rhythm; he lost conditioning. We've been trying to work with him as far as getting it back. But right now that three-man rotation has been so good and I really don't want to disrupt that. I've had a sitdown talk with O.J. and just said, 'Look, you've got to stay ready for me.' He gave me the nod that he would. He was very, very good about it.

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