CB's Free Agent Signing Grades-2014

I am using SBN's Free-Agent tracker to follow the activity so far, I will update every few signing. I base the grades on the following criteria:

  1. Length of Conract
  2. Dollar Value of Contract
  3. Positional Need
  4. Supply/Demand of Position
  5. Risk/Reward
  6. Team Outlook

  1. Dirk Nowitzki-Dallas 3y/30m A+ What's to say, they wanted him, he wanted them and took a discount, excellent value signing
  2. Kyle Lowry-Toronto 4y/48m B+ I'll be honest, I would grade this even lower but I understand why the Raptors did this, they can't go backwards now. I'm guessing the Lakers made this signing more expensive than it should have been but Lowry was imo the best PG in the East last season, yes even better than John Wall. He is only 27 and his game should age well.
  3. Marcin Gortat-Washington 57/60m C- This is the type of signing teams should avoid. First year in the playoffs with 44 wins and then overpay in money and years for a 30 year old middle-of-the-road Centre. Again, I can understand but it's a lot of money for a guy who isn't a great defender, scorer or rebounder.
  4. Avery Bradley-Boston 4y/32m D Drastic overpay for an oft-injured SG whose bread and butter is long twos. Doesn't get to the line much, isn't a great ballhandler so I don't really see why Boston felt the need to offer a defensive specialist 8m a year. He did improve on 3s last year but I still don't get the signing for a rebuilding team.
  5. Shaun Livingston-Golden State 3y/16m B- I can totally understand this signing, the Dubs missed the veteran presence of Jarret Jack in the backcourt last year, and their bench was horrible. Livingston gives them a veteran game-manager who can D up a bit and is very good from mid-range. That being said I think Ramon Sessions may have been a better get for them as they really lack someone who can get to the rim and get to the line. They only had the MLE so the money is fine
  6. Darren Collison-Sacramento 3y-16m C+ I get that you may not think Isaiah Thomas is not worth signing at 8m/yr or more to be your starting PG, but this is Collison's 5th team in 6 years and he's going to turn 27 before the season starts. Maybe there's another PG incoming but ideally a more of a true PG would have made more sense.
  7. C.J. Miles-Indiana 4y-18m B+ I actually love this signing for the Pacers, a bench scorer that can heat up in a hurry and can play a little D as well. Four years might be a bit long but the bench was something that really needed to improve. A very good 3 point shooter who shoots a ton of them.
  8. Jodie Meeks-Detroit 3y/19m D Would be a good move if Detroit was actually in a position to contend but even at that, this is a big overpay for Meeks. A good shooter and that's it, doesn't really do anything else well. Also might be blocking Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Spencer Dinwiddie.
  9. Patty Mills-San Antonio 3y/12m B+ This is the best move for both parties, Patty is a really good fit there and the Spurs love his energy and shooting off the bench. The rotator cuff injury hurts but he should be back in plenty of time to defend the title.
  10. Thabo Sefolosha-Atlanta 3y/12m C- If this was the Pacers, Heat, Clippers or any other contender I probably give it a B but Atlanta might be a 7th seed and Thabo's game isn't getting any better. They do have need at SG but I'm not sure they signed the right guy.
  11. Chris Kaman-Portland 2y/10m B- Kaman gives them some scoring off the bench but they could still use a guy that can come in and defend as well as a back-up PG.It's an okay move but they need more, maybe they can move a couple of their young guys.
  12. Ben Gordon-Orlando 2y/9m D- This is the worst mark because this is the most idiotic move I can think of for a young team like the Magic to make. Okay the second year is ng'ed but why Gordon, they have Oladipo, signed Willie Green to a cheap contract, drafted Devyn Marble and could have kept Doron Lamb or E'Twuan Moore. I'd understand if they brought him in for leadership purposes but from all indications, Ben is not that.
  13. Spencer Hawes-Clippers 4y/23m B I like this move for the Clips as they really, really needed a back-up big and probably need another(Ekpe Udoh?)Four years might be a bit much but for a big that can score it's not bad.
  14. Patrick Patterson-Toronto 3y/18m C+ Another one of these moves that I understand why, but don't really like. Teams like Washington, Toronto, and Atlanta can't really take a step back but it's a bit steep for a guy who plays just over 20 mpg and doesn't excel at anything in particular. Still they needed a decent back-up big and 2Pat is that.
  15. Channing Frye-Orlando 4y/32m F- Imo this is easily the worst contract handed out this off-season and I'm not sure it's close. A 31 year old PF who has career numbers of 10/5 got 8m a year from a team who will be lucky to win 30 games(I call around 25)and has 4 PFs already.
  16. Boris Diaw-San Antonio 3y/22m C+ I think this is an overpay as well but the socialist Spurs seem to distribute the wealth fairly evenly. Still wonder who else would have paid him though.
  17. Jordan Farmar-Clippers 2y/4.2m C+ This signing works out fine if Chris Paul is really healthy this year, otherwise they may be in a bit of trouble as Farmar isn't really that good. Cheap deal but it is a downgrade from Collison.
  18. Josh McRoberts-Miami 4y/23m C- If Charlotte or another team gives McBob this contract, the grade is probably higher but I don't see the fit on Miami even if the Big 3 does come back and if they're not, why McBob?
  19. Danny Granger-Miami 2y/4.2m C+ Makes more sense than McBob but don't really get this one either, Danny's been pretty banged up and bad the last four years but at least the contract is cheap.
  20. Devin Harris-Dallas 3y/9m B In terms of value, this is a very good signing but the Mavs still don't have a team that can be a contender right now, they need more. They're in danger of being passed by a couple of teams this year unless they add one more piece, we'll see what happens.
  21. LeBron James-Cleveland F- What a horrible move for Cleveland, do they have no pride, if I were them I`d never take him back.
  22. Chris Bosh-Miami 5y/118m A They kept one piece anyway, not sure they'll be good as a team but they won't be bottoming out either.
  23. Isaiah Thomas-Phoenix 4y/27m A/F The A is for Phoenix signing him, the F is for Sacrament choosing Darren Collison over Thomas for chump change.
  24. Nick Young-Lakers 4y/21.5m C At least Swaggy P doesn't have to change teams again, he'll be battling Kobe for shots next year
  25. P.J. Tucker-Phoenix 3y/16.5m C I think this is a lot for a role player on a non-playoff team(imo), nice guy to have but not sure I would have paid him that
  26. Beno Udrih-Memphis 2y/4.2m C He's an average back-up PG being paid veteran's minimum
  27. Steve Blake-Portland 2y/4.2m C Same as above although it's a downgrade from Mo imo.
  28. James Johnson-Toronto 2y/5m B+ Like the deal, think the Raps are a back-up C away from being a pretty good team, especially if Lou Williams can have a good year as a bench scorer.
  29. Carmelo Anthony-New York 5y/120m C My LeBron grade was in jest but this one isn't. The signing makes no sense for either the Knicks or Melo unless he only cares about money and his wife's love of the Big Apple. He is winning nothing in NY and the Knicks are going nowhere with him
  30. Gordon Hayward-Utah 4y/63m B- Big overpay for Hayward imo, I thought even the 4/48 he turned down last fall was a lot. Shows what can happen when someone gets on the market though. I wonder if Charlotte should have tried to work a S&T around Vonleh as I think Hayward would have been more important to the Hornets.
  31. Paul Pierce-Washington 2y/11m B+ Good move for the Wizards although I think they are still a piece or two short of being anywhere near legit. A shooter off the bench and a back-up big should be in order, Rice could be the former but he still looks shaky for a guy who was supposed to be NBA ready.
  32. Jordan Hill-Lakers 2y/18m D I like Jordan Hill, but this is an insane amount of money for him. He is a taller more polished Jeff Adrien who should receive MLE money at best.
  33. Trevor Ariza-Houston 4y/32m C If you had a crystal ball last summer and saw that Ariza would get this contract you would have laughed. Morey gave up Lin and a 1st to sign Ariza to this contract? Maybe the Bucks/Rockets should have traded Ersan for Lin, makes more sense for the Rockets anyway.
  34. Anthony Morrow-Oklahoma City 3y/10m B+ Someone mentioned on Twitter yesterday that Hoops fans and bloggers must like Morrow more that teams actually do and I think that's true. Pretty limited game but an awesome shooter from deep, great move for the Thunder.
  35. Vince Carter-Memphis 3y/12m B- The Grizz really needed to upgrade their bench and Vince will do that. Three years is too long but the money isn't significant so that's a wash.
  36. Marvin Williams-Charlotte 2y/14m C- I don't get it, I don't think he's what the Hornets need and I don't think he's worth the contract
  37. Chandler Parsons-Dallas 3y/46m C A good get for Dallas but a huge overpay as well. Ellis, Chandler and Dirk as your 2, 3, 4 offers a lot at one end, and zero at the other. They will score a lot for sure.
  38. Luol Deng-Miami 2y/20m 2y/20m B A short contract, not a big overpay is a decent get for Miami but will the "Not so big 3" be able to do much even in the East?
  39. Kent Bazemore-Atlanta 2y/4m C Don't really get this one either, yes it's cheap but what does he bring to the Hawks?
  40. Pau Gasol-Chicago 3y/22m B- Probably 3 years is too much but the Bulls are going for it and this is the year to do it with Miami taking a step back and the Pacers possibly losing Lance.
  41. Mario Chalmers-Miami 2y/8m B- Rio is a decent PG that wasn't asked to do a whole lot with LBJ in Miami, that might change now. We'll see how he does in a new role.
  42. Caron Butler-Detroit 2y/9m C- Evidently the second year is a team option but still I don't get it. The Pistons are copying the Bucks 2013 off-season, bring in as many vets as possible. Will they even make the playoffs?
  43. D.J. Augustine-Detroit 2y/6m C+ He's an upgrade from Peyton Siva but I don't think he gets back to the level he was with the Bulls during the regular season.
  44. Kirk Hinrich-Chicago 2y/5.6m C Continuity counts for something I guess, Captain Kirk is getting close to be done though.
  45. Dwyane Wade-Miami 4y/60m C Loyalty sucks some times, for the Owners in this case. Massive overpay for a guy clearly on a decline. Heat will be fighting for a playoff spot imo.
  46. Jason Smith-Knicks 1y/3.3m C Yawn.
  47. Mike Miller-Cleveland 2y/5.5m B+ Good signing but they still need a big or two that can play D.
  48. Trevor Booker-Utah 2y/10m D This is a wtf signing compounded by the fact(h/t to @deanondraft)that they drafted Jarnell Stokes(basically a younger/cheaper Booker)and traded him to Memphis.
  49. Brian Roberts-Charlotte 2y/5.5m B Decent back-up, can hit a shot kind of run an offense.

I didn't rate the minimum deals like Cartier Martin, Willie Green and Sebastien Telfair, you can hardly go wrong at that price. Also did not rate opt-ins or extensions such as Zach Randolph.
Feel free to debate my ratings as you like, I know from some of the discussions on the other threads there are varying opinions. For the most part, I don't mind these moves for contenders or teams trying to maintain a playoff position but definitely not for probable lottery teams.

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