Bucks, Ilyasova Nearing Deal

Sounds like a deal has been agreed to at 5/$45

Blake Griffin and Kevin Love start their company....

im curious, and first month is bound to be their best trying to impress us.....with free returns, why not? anyone else willing? have any thoughts?

2012 NBA Mock Draft Meta-Analysis, Vol. 3: Rumors Sully Sullinger, Rivers Rises To Top-10

Mitchell did a wonderful job with his story, so I won't bother taking up as much space with my junk. More NBA Draft stuff right here, if you want it.

Analyzing 2012 NBA Draft Measurements From The Draft Combine Lottery Picks

I wrote a bit more on the measurements if you want some extra Bucks-esque coverage.

NBA Draft 2012: Talking Bucks Offseason And Draft With

Joe Kotoch from was kind enough to have me join him yesterday for a discussion of the Bucks' offseason and draft needs, as well as plenty of talk about the state of the franchise, the Andrew Bogut/Monta Ellis trade, and of course Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova. It also gave me a chance to pick Joe's brain on how guys like Jared Sullinger, Meyers Leonard and Tyler Zeller project at the next level and how they might fit with the Bucks' roster. Thanks to Joe for having me on and hopefully we'll do it again soon. Check out the podcasts page at to listen (second from the top) and be sure to check out Joe's scouting reports and mock draft.

My Fingers are Crossed

Nets are the front-runners for Ilyasova? Good!

Debating The Possibility Of Monta Ellis To The Blazers For Wes Matthews And #11

It's the offseason, which means everyone has their own brilliant plan for turning around the Bucks. And while I'm not normally big on dreaming up trade scenarios, the question of what to do with the Brandon Jennings / Monta Ellis backcourt is one that has many of us thinking long and hard. In this case, it inspired Dave Deckard and I to do a piece over at Blazers Edge debating a possible deal swapping Monta Ellis for the #11 pick and former Marquette star Wes Matthews. On a recent podcast Steve and I discussed why we see Jennings as the more useful building block, but that still leaves open the question of what to do with Ellis (and his likely expiring contract) and how to reconcile any move with the Bucks' obvious priority of winning in the short term. In other words, many of us might love to swap Ellis for a lottery pick, but first you need a) a team willing to swap its pick for Ellis and b) a deal that satisfies the Bucks' challenging requirements. Let's hear your ideas in the comments.


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