A collection of our Brew Hoop podcast posts on a wide variety of Milwaukee Bucks topics.

Mailbag Podcast 2: First-Round NBA Draft Talk


Joel Embiid? Andrew Wiggins? Jabari Parker? What will the Bucks do with the No. 2 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft? We discuss the options in our latest podcast.

Brew Hoop Mailbag Podcast, Part 1


We answer reader questions about the future of the Milwaukee Bucks in part one of our Q&A podcast.

Podcast: Arena plan will require a bold vision


We offer our initial thoughts on the looming arena issue in the latest podcast episode.

Podcast Pt.2: Bucks attractive to GMs before draft


If the Bucks want to truly start fresh and draw in the best GM candidates, they probably need to do something prior to the 2014 NBA Draft.

Podcast Pt.1: Will ownership transition impact GM?


In Part 1 of a podcast binge, Steve and Frank discuss the transition of ownership and why Bucks GM John Hammond may be on thin ice.

Podcast | Brandon Knight, Giannis, 2014 Draft


Frank sits down with the crew from TheLotteryMafia.com to discuss Herb Kohl, the Bucks' rebuild and the 2014 NBA draft.

Draft Podcast Pt. 3: Questioning Randle, McDermott


In part three of our NBA Draft podast we break down Julius Randle, Doug McDermott and other less stable prospects that populate the tiers below Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum, et al.

Draft Podcast Pt. 2: Valuing Parker, Smart, Embiid


In this episode of our NBA Draft podcast series with Dean Demakis, we move on from Andrew Wiggins to discuss Jabari Parker, Marcus Smart, and Joel Embiid.

NBA Draft Podcast Pt. 1: What's Wiggins' Upside?


In part one of our NBA Draft podcast with Dean Demakis of DeanOnDraft.com, we discuss Andrew Wiggins and the tricky issue of upside.

Bucks 'Core' Qs, Pt. 2: Giannis, Henson, Sanders


How many players are core guys for the Milwaukee Bucks. Are Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Henson, and Larry Sanders all considered essential pieces going forward? We discuss the issue in part two of...


Bucks 'Core' Questions: Wolters, Middleton, Knight


Our Bucks podcast is back! In this episode we debate whether Nate Wolters, Khris Middleton and Brandon Knight belong in the so-called "core" of the roster.

Podcast: Discussing Drew, Hammond and Draft Dreams


In Part 2 of our podcast on the 3-13 start for the Bucks, we discuss whether Larry Drew or John Hammond could take the fall for the team's failure, and which NBA Draft prospects have caught our eye.

Giannis Shines As New Blueprint Emerges [Podcast]


Extended minutes and quality play from Giannis Antetokounmpo, Brandon Knight, John Henson and the other young prospects are really the only things Bucks fans want this season. In our podcast we...

Larry Sanders Injury Reaction Podcast


Milwaukee Bucks big man Larry Sanders is expected to miss six weeks of the season while he recovers from surgery to repair torn liagments in his right thumb. We discuss where the Bucks go from here.

Pachulia, Henson, Wolters Spark Comeback Win


Zaza Pachulia and the Bucks bench pulled off a big second-half comeback against the Boston Celtics on Friday night. We discuss how it all happened.

All the Giannis Antetokounmpo talk you can handle


Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo has been a pleasant surprise during the preseason, but his bright flashes of raw talent have been mixed in with plenty of fundamental mistakes. We ponder how...

Offseason review: Rebranding the Bucks [podcast]


The core of the Milwaukee Bucks has changed significantly since the end of the 2012-13 NBA season, but is the newest iteration of the Bucks headed in a different direction? We discuss the major...

Discussing a potential extension for Larry Sanders


The Milwaukee Bucks are discussing a lucrative contract extension with big man Larry Sanders. We address the biggest questions surrounding the deal.

Jennings / Knight trade reactions + mega podcast


The Milwaukee Bucks have traded Brandon Jennings to the Detroit Pistons for Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Viacheslav Kravtsov. Here's what other experts are saying about the deal, along with...

Discussing Bucks offseason moves / plans (podcast)


The Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to deals with several free agents in recent days, but what does it all mean? Are O.J. Mayo and Zaza Pachulia good additions? Will the team go after Brandon Jennings...

Bledsoe trade talks live on, Redick to meet w/ LA


Talks are reportedly "live" between the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers regarding a potential sign-and-trade scenario that would send J.J. Redick to L.A. in exchange for a package that...

NBA Draft Podcast, Pt. 2: Shabazz, Zeller and Bigs


After discussing the cream of the crop in Part 1 of our 2013 NBA Draft podcast preview, we move on and discuss C.J. McCollum, Cody Zeller, Shabazz Muhammad and what the Bucks should do if a cluster...

NBA Draft Podcast, Part 1: Talking Prospects 1-7


The 2013 NBA Draft is almost here, and we have put together a three-part podcast to get you acquainted with the top prospects. In Part 1, we offer up our opinions on the top seven players,...

Podcast: A primer on Milwaukee's coaching search


The Milwaukee Bucks are busy searching for their next head coach. We discuss the candidates and the general direction of the franchise heading into a pivotal off-season.

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