Celtics Versus Team USA?


The dust is ready to settle on the hardwood floors now that the NBA season is officially over, though someone ought to clean up that red stuff on the court in Boston because Tuesday's Laker...

You Pick 'Em: Version 2.0


Three weeks ago, you told us Kevin Love was the guy. Among possible Bucks' lottery selections, Love gathered 23% of your votes, edging Eric Gordon (18%), Danilo Gallinari (13%) and Anthony Randolph...

BPA Versus Need


After the Friday workouts, both John Hammond and Scott Skiles indicated the Bucks plan on drafting the best player available. Okay, this isn't necessarily groundbreaking stuff, right? Conventional...

Prospect Watch: Anthony Randolph


Mystery Man: Anthony Randolph really does exist. Up until now, LSU freshman Anthony Randolph has been the sasquatch of the 2008 lottery: rumored to be many things, but mostly mysterious and...

You Pick 'Em: Version 1.0


Now that we've recapped what everyone else thinks the Bucks will do, let's take a moment to step back, review the candidates, and let you vote for your pick.  We'll have more detailed looks at all...

Josh Howard available? Let's talk, Mr. Cuban


Now that we've laid out your summer NBA plans , what's a Bucks fan to do in the meantime? Well, aside from the whole "watching good teams play basketball" option and dreaming of Derrick Rose,...

Olympic Opener: Redd versus Yi?


Michael Redd and Yi Jianlian are likely to face off in the opening game of the Beijing Olympics this summer. We don't know team rosters yet, but we do know Team USA will play China. If Team USA...

Team USA: No Kidd'ing? Vote


With the Bucks' 2007-08 season officially over, we (as Bucks fans) are left with the dilemma of wondering what to do, other than scrutinize potential draft picks that are no longer playing and make...

Voting Day in Wisconsin


Preferably, "Vote Smartly." (photo from www.okstatechamber.com)After declaring its independence from Great Britain 84,600 days ago, the United States today turns its eyes and ears to Wisconsin,...

Who's Number Two?


The first batch of games brought a few things to light:   If all the talk about guaranteed minutes wasn't already moot, it is now because Yi Jianlian is plenty good enough to play, and play a...

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