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Hawks Sore, Sixers Bore In 113-103 Loss


After a thrilling overtime win against Houston two nights before, the Sixers put up a snoozer in Atlanta, despite scoring 103 points.


Pau Gasol trade scenarios, ATL, UTH, TOR

Once again many members of the Laker Nation are calling for blood. Once again they call for a trade of the former all star 7 footer Pau Gasol. There is reason behind it, he has not played with...

JT's Hoops Blog's 2012/2013 NBA Worst to First Previews and Predictions: 21. Atlanta Hawks


Another era of hum-drum regular season showings follow by swift playoff exits is over as the Atlanta Hawks prepare once again for a long road of rebuilding ahead. Gone is Joe Johnson, the player who has been credited for Atlanta’s return to respectability, yet at the same time, given the brunt of the blame for the Hawks’ current stagnation. His six year 120$ million contract extension may have kept Atlanta in the playoffs, but the lack of cap flexibility caused by such a big deal would have handicapped the team for years to come. It was obvious from reviewing their last two seasons that the Hawks had soared as high as they were ever going to go and they were heading for a devastating crash landing. Something had to be done to curb the rising upcoming tidal wave that would sweep the Atlanta Hawks away—fortunately for the Hawks they know have the fiscal flexibility to weather the storm.

Atlanta Hawks: SOLD


Our long nightmare is over, Hawks fans! The Atlanta Hawks have been sold to Alex Meruelo. CRY FREEDOM!!!

I thought Fields was supposed to be sooooo good? I rest my case!


I thought Fields was supposed to be sooooo good? I rest my case!

Canucks To Play Chicago...Again


Canucks will play Blackhawks for the 3rd straight post season

Atlanta pro sports and integration


With Martin Luther King Day quickly approaching, and the recent surge of fanDOME in Atlanta sports, I think this article is perfectly timed. Some of you might already have read it because it is from ESPN. However, those who haven't and are Atlanta sports fans, and those who were born after the 1950's, definitely should. I was born in 1990 and moved to Atlanta when I was three. Atlanta is my home and I support all of our sports teams. This article was fascinating to me and while it doesn't focus solely on the Falcons, it is a must-read for Atlanta lovers.

Hawks last win on road in an elimination game: 5-2-97 at Detroit. Steve Smith 28 Mookie 10-10-9. Hawks, 94-82.


Per Bob Rathbun via Twitter.

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