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Bucks ownership likely to add local investors

Though the soon-to-be owners are committed to keeping the team in Milwaukee, it appears like some more local investors (and big names) are on the precipice of joining the ownership group.

Seattle Can Only Go Up From Here

With the long shot in the Milwaukee Bucks officially of the table, where does Seattle go now?

Report: Local investors finalizing deal for Bucks?

The bidding war for the Milwaukee Bucks seems to be drawing near its end--but that doesn't mean the identity or origin of the Bucks' next owners is becoming any clearer.

If the Bucks Don't Move... Then What?

The NBA says the Milwaukee Bucks need a new arena or else. Or else what, exactly?

Ten Things I Hate About This (Milwaukee Situation)

The events of this week should seem oddly familiar.

Bucks ink new six-year lease with BC. What's next?

The Bucks' new six-year lease with the Bradley Center replaces the year-to-year arrangement the team has had in years past, while also providing a rough timeline for a new arena.

Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., to Retire

Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) announced Friday that he will not run for re-election in 2012, putting a battleground seat Democrats have held for over five decades squarely in play for the upcoming elections. "I am announcing today that I will not seek another term as your senator," Kohl said at a press conference in Milwaukee. "Rather, I will continue to devote all my energy and time in the next nineteen months to see to it that the people in our state are well-served." "I've always believed it's better to leave a job too early than a little too late, and that's how I feel today," he added. Kohl is the sixth senator who caucuses with the Democrats to retire this year. Two Republican senators have announced their retirement. Kohl turned 76 years old in 2011 and has been serving in the Senate since 1989.

Happy 25th Anniversary

On this day in 1985 Milwaukee businessman and future United States Senator Herb Kohl purchased the Milwaukee Bucks for 18 million dollars. By 1999 the team was worth an estimated 100 million dollars. [Source: Harvard Business School Bulletin, December 1999]

More on John Hammond

The consensus reaction to the Bucks' hiring of Pistons VP John Hammond: they got this one right. We'll only have to wait a few more hours before Hammond is officially presented as GM (4 pm CT, FSN...

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