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GM Watch: King and Gabriel in the mix?

Gery Woelfel reports that former Sixer GM Billy King and former Magic GM John Gabriel have emerged as candidates for the Bucks' GM gig. On the radio this morning Woelfel also suggested that the GM...

Monday Bucks Notes

Dan at RealGM makes a great (but frightening) point about the Bucks' delayed GM search: Kohl, Walter, et al are ALREADY meddling with the new GM and they haven't even hired him yet! Any new GM is...

GM Watch: Collins out, Sund leading?

Back in January, the first reports on potential new GM candidates named former Bulls/Wizards coach Doug Collins and former Sonics GM Rick Sund as the leading candidates to replace Larry Harris....

Weekend Bucks Notes

The ultimate NBA fan experience: all 30 arenas in one year. That's what Milwaukee's Andrew Cieszynski is doing this year, and you can follow his experiences over at The NBA Season of Drew. Yahoo's...

Kohl Press Conference Notes

Herb Kohl spoke to the media last night, and addressed a number of the criticisms he's faced lately. Kohl was visibly upset with how the season has gone, and while he's taken plenty of heat from...

Walsh to Receive Offer?

Frank Isola first made the Donnie Walsh/Bucks connection yesterday, and he writes today that "Milwaukee is prepared to offer Walsh its GM job": Another team - believed to be Atlanta - has also...

Larry Harris Out as Bucks GM

We all knew it was coming, but it's finally official: Larry Harris has been relieved of his duties as general manager of the Bucks. Harris was in his fifth season as GM, having made the playoffs...

Bill Simmons as Bucks GM? Done.

As expected, all was quiet on the Bucks trade front last Thursday, as the only real "news" was that the Bucks still weren't interested in Zach Randolph (thank you, Herb, Ron, Mike, Larry, et al)....

Luck the Least of Bucks' Problems

Fifty-three games into the 07/08 season, the Bucks stand exactly where they did a year ago: 19-34. Given the expectations coming into the season, the team has offered up no shortage of excuses for...

Sunday Bucks Notes

Awesome column by Gery Woelfel over at the Journal-Times. And by "awesome" I mean candid, insightful, depressing, and suggestive of everything you were worried was true about the Milwaukee Bucks....

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