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WIIM Radio: Season Wrap Up


Have you all missed our sweet, cherubic voices? Our angelic tittering? Our divine laughter? Have you missed our sharp minds and our #HotSportsTakes? Well worry no more because we're back…...

Sharks Gameday: Podcasts


Too much turkey, too much stuffing. Here are some podcast recommendations.

NHB Podcast: wild cards in Big East & American


Two new conferences, filled with parity. Which teams in the Big East and American conferences will be wild cards?

SEC Preview Podcast: The Solid Verbal with Andy Staples


They start talking about Arkansas at the 13:00 mark, and the hosts discuss Bielema's in-game coaching ability, his recruiting, the Razorbacks' defensive line, and whether Bielema is a good fit at Arkansas. They only talk Arkansas for a few minutes but it's a good preview of the entire conference if you're interested in more.

RTT Podcast Gets Back on the Horse Tonight at 9:00

The RTT Podcast fires back up tonight at 9:00 Eastern.

RTT Tennessee-Florida Podcast is All Go for 9:00 ET

Our podcast lifts off on a delayed schedule this Thursday evening but with a fine slate of guests, including Andy Hutchins, Spencer Hall, and Clay Travis.

RTT Podcast is 9:00-ish Tonight with Special Tennessee-Florida Guests

The RTT Podcast for Tennessee-Florida week features special guests and a lax time schedule.

NBA Draft 2012: Talking Bucks Offseason And Draft With ProBasketballDraft.com


Joe Kotoch from ProBasketballDraft.com was kind enough to have me join him yesterday for a discussion of the Bucks' offseason and draft needs, as well as plenty of talk about the state of the franchise, the Andrew Bogut/Monta Ellis trade, and of course Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova. It also gave me a chance to pick Joe's brain on how guys like Jared Sullinger, Meyers Leonard and Tyler Zeller project at the next level and how they might fit with the Bucks' roster. Thanks to Joe for having me on and hopefully we'll do it again soon. Check out the podcasts page at ProBasketballDraft.com to listen (second from the top) and be sure to check out Joe's scouting reports and mock draft.

Turf Show Radio NFL Draft Preview Spectacular - Sunday, 5pm ET


Turf Show Radio returns, this Sunday (April 22nd), at 5pm ET.

The Nickel with Will Carroll (@injuryexpert) Ep#02 - Sports Everywhere


This week, Will takes a look at how sports everywhere is changing how we experience the game. Whether it's reading it on a Kindle, watching it on the new iPad, or behind the scenes with the smart analysts that gathered at the Sloan Conference in Boston, technology is adjusting both the game itself and how we take it all in. (55 minutes)

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