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Welcome to Brew Hoop!  We are Frank from Just Another Bucks Fan and Alex from Boeder Bucks, and we're excited to be joining forces under the umbrella of SB Nation. SBN is the home of such NBA blogging luminaries as Blog-a-Bull, Golden State of Mind, and Sactown Royalty, so we're happy to now be in such illustrious company. You can check out the many other great SB sites in the right-hand column. As for everything else, here's a brief primer on our new digs:

How's Brew Hoop different from your old sites?
We hope to bring you the detailed coverage of the Bucks that you've come to expect from us and more. Think of this site as a clearing house for all the Bucks news and multimedia that's out there, with our own original content judiciously mixed in.  

If you're not familiar with our old sites, we've also contributed to's 07/08 preview, been mentioned on Jim Paschke's blog, and interviewed David Noel.  

SB Nation also has the unique feature of allowing readers to keep "diaries" rather than just posting comments on stories. Think of it as a "blog-within-the-blog."  We'll be talking about that more in the coming days, but for the moment we want to get the site up and running in time for the opener tomorrow in Orlando.  

What's with the old sites?
They're still over on Blogger and will stay there, though they won't be updated anymore.  But we'll keep them linked in the "Bucks Blogs" section of our links.

Brew Hoop, huh? That sounds a lot like a certain NBA blog...
Henry Abbott of TrueHoop is the Godfather of NBA bloggers, so we're happy to report that he's not offended that our new site's name rhymes with his. Henry (and Kelly Dwyer) gave us a huge boost this past summer by linking to us a number of times, so without that help we might not even be here.  

But in general we just wanted a name that was short and, you know, didn't infringe on any Bucks' trademarks (that rules out a lot).  So with "Brew Hoop" we pay homage to our hometown's most famous industry, tie it back to basketball, and don't require you to ever type the word "blogspot" again.  

How can I get in touch with you?
Our new email address is  So if you have any feedback just send us an email or leave us a comment. 

How about RSS feeds?
To add Brew Hoop to your RSS reader, click here.  Or follow the links at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.