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More Wednesday Bucks Notes

  • Third Quarter Collapse previews tonight’s game.

    Useless information: This game features a matchup of two centers who were selected with the first overall pick in the NBA draft: Dwight Howard (in 2004) and Andrew Bogut (in 2005).

  • Matt from Blog-A-Bull previews the Eastern Conference and isn't exactly convinced the Bucks are primed for a defensive awakening this year.
    1. Milwaukee - Based on an extremely small view of preseason minutes, I don't think Yi will be that bad. He's huge, mobile, and seems to understand the game well enough, that's a hell of a start. Remember that Yao looked abysmal in his first dozen games, so I won't freak out right away if he puts up bad numbers. I'm more worried for their frontcourt rotation as a whole, as neither Yi, CharlieV, nor Bogut are good defenders, and while they signed Mason and retained Bell to help their perimeter D, that won't be quite good either. They'll win some shootouts and likely be the opponent of another 50-point barrage from Ben Gordon.
  • Bullets Forever’s East preview is similarly skeptical of the Bucks’ frontcourt defensive presence.
    1.  Milwaukee: 33-49. When healthy, this is one of the more dangerous teams in the East, because they can light it up offensively.  The other side of the ball is the problem, because an Andrew Bogut/Charlie Villanueva/Yi Jianlian frontcourt couldn't stop my high school team.  I also get this feeling Larry Krystkowiak will play Michael Ruffin even more than Eddie Jordan did, seeing as how they need anyone who can grab a rebound.
  • The Toronto Star thinks the Bucks are on the rise. And yes, they have to be better than the 28-win team.

    Yi Jianlian comes with much hype and should be a fine compliment to Andrew Bogut. Bucks have to be better than a 28-win team, don't they? Playoffs may be a stretch, though.

  • Tremendous Upside Potential's preseason rankings peg the Bucks nineteenth overall, between the Hornets and Lakers. Some kind words are offered though.
    1. Bucks- Milwaukee is my sleeper in the East.