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Saturday Bucks Notes

  • Don Walker spoke to Herb Kohl.
    • Kohl said his greatest accomplishment as an owner (he bought the team in 1985 for $18.7 million) is that the Bucks "are still here."
    • He said this year's team "if the fortunes are not against us" has a chance to "send people home happy on a regular basis."
    • He described recent changes in revenue sharing in the National Basketball Association as "very modest" and "fairly meager." He said he hoped that, in five years, there will be a more "munificent" adustment to revenue sharing. "I'm optimistic it will grow in the years to come," he said.
  • Paschketball talks about the big game.

    In China, the game is being called a clash of Chinese cultures. It is tradition vs. trend and modesty vs. flamboyance.

    Yao Ming is a product of strict and traditional sports training in Shanghai. He was free of NBA influences and designer basketball shoes.

    Yi JianLian is from Shenzhen, a city of reform and openness. He idolized Michael Jordan, played street basketball and was discovered in a 3-on-3 tournament.

  • Mike and Mike on ESPN radio talked on Friday about the ratings bonanza of the Rockets/Bucks.
  • Some more details on the Chinese reaction to the game.
  • Bill Ingram at Hoops World recaps Yao vs. Yi. As you might guess, Larry Harris is feeling pretty good about his 2007 first rounder:

    "You're supposed to learn from your past experiences," says Bucks GM Larry Harris. "There's been a lot said about the drafting of Dirk Nowitzki. Unfortunately, we never really had him, but when you look at all the annuals of NBA drafts it says Milwaukee did draft him, which we did, and quickly traded him. I guess God has shined down on us once again. We got the number one pick in 2005 (Andrew Bogut) and we really feel like we hit a homerun here in 2007 with Yi."

  • Ty at Bucks Diary weighs in on the Rockets game. I think Ty's going way overboard on Bogut's poor offensive start to the season, ignoring the fact that he's played much better defensively and in the rebounding department. But Ty does point out perhaps the weirdest Bucks stat so far: Mo Williams, who has never done well drawing fouls, still hasn't shot a free throw in five games.