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Sunday Bucks Notes

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Even Mo has to take a break sometimes. Morry Gash/AP

  • In Tom Enlund's JS recap, Bogut isn't getting too carried away with the win. And I love the fact that he's making reference to Survivor songs:

    "For one, we shouldn't let them get that close. Two, we did stick it out (to win). If we get that killer instinct, that should be a 20-point game. No disrespect to Atlanta . . . but we've got to get the eye of tiger especially when they're down 11 at the half. The first three minutes you blow them out, they don't want to play anymore. Teams have done that to us. We have to do it to other teams, especially in the Bradley Center."

  • In his game report, Tom Enlund picks Charlie Villanueva as the player of the game. I would have picked Bogut, but I won't argue with CV either. We've been talking frequently about +/- stats lately, so I'm glad to hear Larry Krystkowiak is also watching those numbers:

    "We're certainly not going to judge a game based on points scored," Krystkowiak said. "If you look at a plus-minus situation, when Yi was on the floor against Memphis we were plus-18. Charlie V. was minus-15.

    "I know that they're playing with different combinations of players. But for me, it's not always about who scores the most points. I thought there was a little more energy level from Yi and defensively he gave a little stronger performance."

  • I forgot to link to this last week, so if you haven't already heard, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will have his retired jersey re-dedicated at the BC next Saturday during halftime of the Lakers/Bucks game. This is the first in a series of special events the Bucks are doing as part of their 40th anniversary year, and all fans on Wednesday will receive a commemorative 40th anniversary shirt.
  • Check out pictures from Yi Jianlian's appearance at the Holiday Lights Festival.
  • Charles Gardner writes about what could have been with Al Horford.