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Monday Bucks Notes

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  • After Charlie Bell's 18 minutes were the most off the bench against the Grizzlies, the backups got more involved against the Hawks. Bell got 19, Charlie Villanueva most notably got a season-high 29 minutes and Simmons played 24. JS Online's Tom Enlund has more on the Bucks' unsettled rotation.

    In the second quarter, Krystkowiak got to unveil a "bomb squad" combination that he has been envisioning since training camp. Krystkowiak started Mo Williams, Bell, Simmons, Villanueva, and Gadzuric in the second quarter but Ivey entered the game for Williams 1 minute 16 seconds into the quarter.

    That group turned a 24-23 deficit into a 38-32 lead before Andrew Bogut went back into the game for Gadzuric.

  • Enlund also writes about the Bucks’ source of extra energy against the Hawks: a day off on Thursday.  

    Krystkowiak thinks the Bucks got worn down after returning from last weekend’s trip to Texas. They practiced on Monday later in the day than they normally would and then came back with another practice on Tuesday morning. But he noticed the energy had returned after the day off.

  •'s new power rankings tab the Bucks 15th, five spots up from last week. At .500 and right in the middle of the rankings, the Bucks have been positively average so far, which is to say, a lot better than last year.

    Yi's omission from the All-Star ballot isn't a huge problem. If his Chinese fans are determined to get their rook to New Orleans, there's a write-in slot available. The real problem: Milwaukee is 3-24 on the road in 2007.

  • And while .500 wouldn't be enough in the Western Conference, at 4-4 the Bucks are tied for 5th in the East.
  • Ersan Ilyasova scored six points in 15 minutes in a Barcelona win on Saturday. He’s averaging 4.9 points in 14 minutes this season.
  • Brett at The Bratwurst puts together 14 Trade Machine-approved Bucks trades... that won't happen. No really, he said that.

    Villanueva to the Lakers for Cook, Sasha Vujacic and a #1 pick. There aren’t any major cap ramifications in this trade, as Vujacic’s deal expires and Villanueva and Cook’s contracts are similar. But it gets Villanueva into a much better position to succeed and adds a future draft pick to the Bucks stable. As a favor to Charlie V, I think both teams would do this trade.