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Wednesday Bucks Notes

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  • Bucks-Cavs: My recap here.
  • JS Online's Tom Enlund recaps the game. It's really hard to overestimate how important beating division opponents is. And it's pretty amazing that the Bucks already have more wins within the division, two, than they did all of last year, one.

    "We knew this was a pretty important game," Redd said. "We had been playing well at home but it was tough for us to translate what we had been doing at home and what we had been doing in practice on the road. Tonight, we did a terrific job of just playing the whole game. We started pretty bad but we re-grouped. Anytime you can beat Cleveland at their home speaks volumes."

  • More Bucks-Cavs recaps: Brett at The Bratwurst and Jesse Motif at Bango's Bunch.
  • Charles Gardner has a story about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recalling his Milwaukee days.

    Abdul-Jabbar recalled the difference guard Oscar Robertson made after being acquired by the Bucks in a trade in April 1970.

    "When you play with a player like Oscar, you're playing with a master," Abdul-Jabbar said. "Oscar could run the break, and that was our trademark, speed.

  • Gery Woelfel also writes about Kareem, who feels he probably could have scored 100 points in a game. It's all about the rings though, and he's got plenty of those.
  • And don't forget, Kareem is going to be honored and have his number 33 jersey re-dedicated at halftime by the Bucks at the Bradley Center tonight. Stars are all over Milwaukee this week, with Kobe and the Lakers and Dirk and Mavericks also coming to town on this Thanksgiving week.
  • We all know the story of how Larry Harris was influenced by father Del in drafting Yi. Mary Scmitt Boyer of writes about the connection between Larry, Del, and Yi.

    "I give him a lot of credit," Bucks General Manager Larry Harris - Del's son - said of Yi. "I don't know how many players, at such a young age, with the pressure of 250 million people watching, could perform at that level. It really says a lot about his maturity."

  • Brian Windhorst also writes about Yi's popularity and fast start in the NBA.
  • Yi Jianlian is third in's latest Rookie Rankings. There are more legitimate contenders than the first couple games led us to believe. Sean Williams and Juan Carlos Navarro are two to keep an eye on. And Nick Young, one of my favorites going into draft day, is also catching on.
  • Don't forget, All-Star voting is in session. Click here to vote. Even if you can't vote for Yi, vote for Redd, because he's putting together a legitimate early campaign. Here's how he stacks up with traditional statistics against shooting guards in the East. Old friend Ray Allen looks like one of the biggest competitors.