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Wednesday Bucks Notes

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  • Before getting back to the reality of losing at home to the last-place Sixers,'s Rob Peterson delivers a nice synopsis of the attention-grabbing Bucks. And thanks for noticing that we are noticing, Rob.
  • Our Bucks/Sixers recaps: Frank's here and mine here.
  • Tom Enlund adds a recap of the massacre for JS Online. He does indicate that Bobby Simmons should be back for tonight's game against the Hawks, which is good news.

    Forward Bobby Simmons was not with the team due to personal reasons but is expected to rejoin them tonight.

    Five 76ers scored in double figures. Center Samuel Dalembert scored a team-high 22 points and forward Andre Iguodala finished with 20 points and 11 assists.

    "I think we kind of underestimated Philly," said Villanueva.

  • Charles Gardner has more on the Bucks' first home loss of the year.
  • Sixers 4 Guidos recaps the game from the winning team's perspective.

    One last thing: Sixers had 31 assists out of 45 baskets. Talking about a balanced, team oriented offense that meant a lot of open looks, dunks, lay ups, easy baskets. That was a pleasure to watch. Of course Bucks’ defense helped us. But of course you still have to knock down the shots.

  • The loss to the Sixers isn't the only bad news for the Bucks. Gery Woelfel writes that David Noel has a tear in his right wrist that may require surgery. He also has updates on Mo Williams and Andrew Bogut, who have been bothered by less serious ailments themselves.

    Noel, the Bucks' second-round draft choice last season, acknowledged he has a tear in his right wrist and may need surgery.

    "I'm going to get a second opinion next week,'' Noel told me after the Bucks saw their five-game winning streak snapped Tuesday night in a loss to Philadelphia at the Bradley Center.

  • Wages of Wins rethinks the Bucks.

    When we project from last year’s performance we see why I was so pessimistic about this team.  Given what these players did in 2006-07, this team would be projected to win about 27 games this season.  The problem is that there was simply no major Wins Producers on the Bucks in 2006-07.  When your best player only has a WP48 of 0.145, it’s hard to believe your team is going to be a major force in the league.  And I didn’t think Yi was going to come in and be a major force his rookie season.