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Friday Bucks Notes

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  • The Bucks lost to the Hawks on Wednesday, and in case you missed it, we didn't. Read Frank's recap here and mine here.
  • JS Online's Tom Enlund recaps the loss.
  • Enlund also has some interesting information about a confrontation pitting Coach Krystkowiak against Bucks fans during the game that snapped the five-game winning streak against the Sixers. Is it worse that fans were hostile toward Krystkowiak while sitting front row with the Bucks riding a big winning streak, or that Krystkowiak bit the bait, partaking in an exchange with fans?

    Things got so bad that, in the closing minutes of the game, Krystkowiak had heated words with a group of fans seated along the baseline next to the Bucks bench and the fans were shown the door by ushers.

  • Yi Jianlian is a quick study on and off the basketball court according to Enlund.
  • One of the coolest things I've seen in a while: Jason at Ballhype Googlemaps every NBA player's birthplace. You can filter by team, as well as zoom in and look at a specific area. Milwaukee is home to five NBA'ers: Chris Mihm, Devin Harris, Anthony Carter, Mike Wilks, and Carl Landry.
  • Marc Narducci, writing for HoopsHype, helps explain the Bucks' resurgence.  

    "People forget this would be his rookie year had he stayed in college," Krystkowiak said. "Whenever you are the first pick in the draft there are always expectations and I’m not sure he was ready for it."

  • Brett at The Bratwurst hates zone defenses. And not just flag football zone defenses, though he hates those too.

    But despite having completely the wrong personnel for a zone that hasn’t stopped Krystkowiak from whipping it out over the last two games. And, what do you know, the Bucks zone defense has gotten shredded by the likes of Joe Johnson, Tyronn Lue, Kyle Korver and even Andre Iguodala.

  • Truman Reed of details Coby Karl's own version of the road less traveled. Karl, of course, is the son of coach George Karl, former attendee of Homestead High School, and current Laker property.

    "Everyone has asked me why I didn't go to Marquette or UWM or Wisconsin," he said. "The fact is that I never got a letter from any of those schools. I didn't get a call from one of those schools. That's kind of what's motivated me: having guys looking over me and saying I'm not good enough, I'm not tall enough, I'm not strong enough, I'm not quick enough. Those are the things that motivate me."

  • The Bucks are all over Thursday's ESPN Daily Dime. They're already talking playoffs, and both contributors project the Bucks to make it. Yi Jianlian is rated the number four rookie. No love for the Bomb squad though, understandably.