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Sunday Bucks Notes

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  • Read Frank’s recap detailing the Bucks’ grand home opener if you haven’t already.  The game, marked by foul trouble and terrible shooting, probably wasn't how Coach Krystkowiak drew it up.  But I’ll take an all-around game from Michael Redd, a veteran-like game from our rookie, 82 % from the line, and a comeback win over the division rival Bulls any day. 1-2 looks a lot better than 0-3.
  • JS Online has a recap of the big win.  I like Redd’s summary:

    "Coach is like, 'Shoot it, I need to get you some shots,' " Redd said. "So I was like, 'Ok, Coach.' But try to be smart about it at the same time . . . just to get a lift for our team. It was dull, dull, dull, and then we had a real run."

  • Charles Gardner writes about Yi Jianlian’s Robin to Redd’s Batman performance:

    Yi set a few screens for Redd and popped out for wide-open jumpers just inside the arc, and he also helped free up Redd, who had 12 of his game-high 27 points in the third quarter. The Bucks trailed, 35-32, at halftime in the defensive struggle but outscored the Bulls, 24-13, in the third quarter.

  • Ty at Mke Bucks Diary also recaps the win.
  •’s Around the Association is all over the Bucks, with Yi getting the photo of the night and Redd the quote of the night, about Yi.  Yi is also hyped along with Yao Ming as a global sensation:

    Yi, meanwhile, gave Bucks fans exactly what they were hoping for in his home debut with a sensational 16-point, eight-rebound effort in Milwaukee’s 78-72 victory over Chicago.

  • HoopsAnalyst chats with Kyle Wright, author of "The NBA Top To Bottom."  Wright devised a system of ranking every team in NBA history and wrote a book about it, which you can buy here.  Very cool stuff.

    I measure teams by how they would fare against a "standard", or average team. If my system gives a team a rating of +10.0, then that team would be expected to beat an average team by 10 points. If my system gives a team a rating of -10.0, then that team would be expected to lose against an average team by 10 points. The key components of the formula are strength of schedule and point differential.

  • Wright also has a website called sportsfromtoptobottom. The best part is he ranks the 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks as the top team in NBA history.  He also breaks down each team’s individual seasons, so you can find out how different Bucks teams stack up. In short, the Bucks were really good to start the 70's, really average in 1999-00, and really bad last year. The only question is how will this year's Bucks fit in?