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Tuesday Bucks Notes

07/08 Preview: Redd, Bogut, Yi

  • Who doesn't like highlight videos?  Check out a cool compilation of Redd, Yi and Bogut highlights above.  Courtesy of Kweli24, the song is "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco.
  • We Rite Goode has posted their "Getting Real" Central Division preview.  Here's my contribution:

    5. Milwaukee Bucks

    Forget what they need to do; here's what they will do: Win 40 games, battle for the 8 spot and get annihilated in the first round. If they get there.

    Reasoning: The Bucks have plenty of young talent, and the return of Simmons and Mason should provide a veteran boost. But while Mo, Bogut, Villanueva and Yi all have star "potential," at least two of them will need to get there in a hurry if the Bucks want to become real contenders in the improved East. Combine the uncertainty of the team's youth with the continued threat that Bobby Simmons' foot will fall off, and it's clear Krystkowiak will be earning his paycheck if the Bucks return to the postseason.

  • Gery Woelfel writes about Andrew Bogut's start to the season. I've been somewhat disappointed in his level of offensive involvement, but three games isn't much of a sample size either. The offense never got him involved in Orlando, and he was much improved in Charlotte before foul trouble plagued his home opener. In general there's no reason for him not to improve on last year's respectable numbers, especially  if he can stick the occasional jumper and make a respectable percentage from the line. And he should be better in the post simply from having added strength. But offense aside, Bogut has been delivering so far on the boards (20.4 rebound rate) and on defense, which is just as important:

    "I’m just glad I’ve brought it defensively so far this season," said Bogut, who averaged 12.3 points a game last season and had six games of 20 or more points. "My offense is probably behind what it was last year.

    "I started to hit my form offensively last February, but then I got hurt (with a sprained left foot). I do think my offense will get better eventually."

  • Truman Reed at checks in on Desmond Mason.  I know all the numbers say bringing back Desmond and letting Patterson walk was a bad idea, but I'll be honest: I was pretty excited to see the Cowboy had re-signed.  You can call it idealism, naivete or whatever, but there's something nice about having guys like Mason on the team.  Besides, dunks are fun.

    "People may say I'm crazy, but the winter," he said. "I miss snow. I haven't seen a lot of snow in my lifetime. When I first came here, on the first night, it was snowing sideways. It was crazy! For me, that was enjoyable."

  • Here's something you probably wouldn't have guessed, courtesy of the good people at STATS (from the blog):

    Kobe Bryant is the only Laker to appear in a game so far in 2007-08 with a career scoring average over 10.0 ppg. Every other team in the league has at least three such players. Through Sunday’s games, the Milwaukee Bucks have seven different players with double-figure scoring averages for their careers, the most of any club.

  • Jesse Motif at Bango's Bunch wants Kobe in Milwaukee.  The only no-trade clause in the league would probably be something of a roadblock unfortunately.