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Raps-Bucks: Open Thread

Raps (2-1) @ Bucks (1-2)

Gametime: 7:00 pm CT
TV: FSN Wisconsin/League Pass/Free NBA Broadband
Radio: 620 WTMJ/Stream Free
STATS Preview

Bucks Lineup: Mo Williams / Michael Redd / Desmond Mason / Yi Jianlian / Andrew Bogut
Raptors Lineup: T.J. Ford / Anthony Parker / Jason Kapono / Chris Bosh / Andrea Bargnani

Bucks Injuries: None really.
Raps Injuries: None really.

06/07 Series: The Raps took three out of four, including both games in Milwaukee.  

Key Points:

  • Well, it's hard to talk about the Bucks and Raptors without starting with T.J. Ford and Charlie Villanueva.  While Ford has been a great match for Toronto's open, three-point shooting style of play, Villanueva struggled through injuries last years and has started this season as a sixth man. Ford had a 32 points in the Raps' 98-95 OT loss to the Celtics in their last game. He's averaging 18 ppg/8 apg/3 TOs on 53% shooting, while CV is averaging 6 ppg/6 rpg and 30% fgs in just 19 mpg this season.  
  • The Bucks will have to work hard to contain Toronto's outside threats; some mean reversion would be nice. Parker, Kapono and Bargnani are all shooting over 50% from distance, so the Bucks will need to contain Ford somewhat or at least try to avoid collapsing too quickly and freeing up their shooters. As usual, expect the Bucks to sag off Ford to keep him from breaking them down.
  • Bosh hasn't scored 20 yet this season and is averaging just 17 ppg and 7 rpg. Expect Bogut to defend Bosh, while Yi and Bargnani will chase each other around the perimeter. Bosh averaged 24/11 on 62% shooting against the Bucks last year. Bogut was ejected in the last game for a shove on Bosh, and was later fined for flicking off someone in the crowd as he walked to the locker room. Good times!
  • The Bucks' best defensive effort of last season actually game on March 2 in Toronto, when they beat the Raps 94-81.