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Wednesday Bucks Notes

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  • Congratulations to Coach Krystkowiak and wife Jan, whom Michael Hunt of JS Online writes are proud parents of new twin daughters.  
  • And congratulations are also in order for Bucks assistant Tony Brown, who filled in for Krystkowiak and led the Bucks to a huge win at home over the Raptors.  Tom Enlund of JS Online recaps the game.  

    It was a superb all-around performance by the Bucks against a team that is supposed to make some noise in the East. The Bucks took it to the Raptors from the opening tip and led by 15 at halftime, then by 27 in the third quarter and 36 in the fourth.

  • We’re not done yet.  Congratulations to Desmond Mason, who looked something like LeBron James in high school.  Or LeBron James in the NBA, I guess.  Charles Gardner writes about Mason's flawless night.

    The 6-foot-5 Mason scored 11 consecutive points for Milwaukee during the first quarter, helping the home team grab a 37-23 advantage. He scored on dunks, jump hooks and fadeaways, taking advantage of an early matchup against Raptors forward Jason Kapono.

    "I got fouled on two but I still made them," Mason said. "Those are some lucky ones. Tonight the rim was big for me, and it was my night."

  • Rob Peterson of’s The Court Reporters wants to know: are you Yi-xperienced? Well, "this guy" is.  Rather "us guys" are.  And especially since we don't often consider ourselves high-profile, many thanks for the mention.

    Yeah, I know, way to go out on a limb there, Rob, but it's clear Yi -- even after all the drama -- is a better fit for Milwaukee right now. Does that mean I've bought a ticket for the Jianlian Express? No, I'm still skeptical and would be with any rookie in this class save Kevin Durant.

    But after putting up another nice line (12 points, four boards, three dimes and most important three blocks) in Milwaukee's laugher over Toronto on Tuesday, I'm warming up to the kid's skills -- especially his shot. When he does a pick and pop with Mo Williams or Michael Redd, I've allowed myself to get giddy at the prospect of a sure two points. (I'm a fan. What are ya gonna do?)

  • Ty at Bucks Diary and Jesse Motif of Bango's Bunch recap the win.
  • RaptorsTalk reacts from the other perspective, and not happily.

    Instead, I am going to rip the franchise bottom to top. Everyone is accountable for what we saw tonight. I hesitate to use the word competitive sport; canned hunt seems more fitting. When your franchise musters 1 point, and the chosen one (Bargnani) musters 5, you are in for a long-long night.

  • Over at Fanhouse, Bethlehem Shoals writes about Friday’s showdown with the Rockets and Tom Ziller wonders how the Bucks would look in the Northwest Division.  
  • Even before last night’s win,’s Drew Packham rated Yi Jianlian second in his Rookie Rankings.  

    Yi got off to a slow start, fouling out in the season opener, but came up big in the Bucks' home-opening win over the Bulls. Yi had 16 points and eight rebounds and showed the outside touch that makes him such a dangerous 7-footer.