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Friday Bucks Notes

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  • We knew tonight's Bucks-Rockets game was going to have a strong international flavor, but we're talking an all-out global stew here: Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports the showdown will mark the first NBA game to feature players from six continents. It's going to take some serious global warming to break that record.

    In addition to the players from North America and Yao and Yi from Asia, the Rockets' Luis Scola (Argentina) is from South America, the Rockets' Dikembe Mutombo (Congo) is from Africa, the Bucks' Dan Gadzuric (Holland) is from Europe and the Bucks' Andrew Bogut is from Australia.

  • Let’s just say more than Milwaukee will be watching tonight.  Record ratings?  Perhaps, reports the Associated Press.

    Wang said the game is expected to draw more than 200 million viewers in China. By comparison, last week's New England-Indianapolis game in the NFL drew an average audience of about 34 million. Last year's Super Bowl drew an average of 93 million.

  • Charles Gardner of JS Online has more on tonight’s Texas-plus-China-sized game.
  • Tom Enlund of JS Online writes about the Bucks' rotation. The regular "nine-ish," doesn't include Royal Ivey, Michael Ruffin, or Jake Voskuhl based on minute distribution so far. In short, the rotation is probably going to look a lot like what it has so far. I haven't noticed much from Voskuhl, but Ivey and Ruffin have looked solid so far, so I anticipate they'll continue to get about six minutes each.

    "I think we'll probably be looking at 'nine-ish', depending on the night," said Krystkowiak recently. "I want all of these guys to stay engaged and be a part of what we're doing. So on a given night, some of these guys will match up against certain people better than others and it'll make sense for them to get some burn."

  • As expected, Ramon Sessions has been assigned to the Tulsa 66ers of the NBDL according to

    "This is an opportunity for Ramon to see regular minutes and further develop his skills," said Harris. "Coach Meyer and the Tulsa organization are receiving a talented, young player, and we look forward to watching Ramon’s progress as a member of the 66ers."

  • Check out some of Sessions' new teammates here and the 66ers' schedule here.
  • Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times writes that Yi’s been bulking up. Not that he'll be matched up against Yao, but you have to think they’ll find each other once or twice and Yi will need every bit of his added muscle when that happens.

    Tim Wilson, the Bucks’ strength and conditioning coach, told me last week he and Yi had agreement where Yi would lift weights on non-game days.

    Well, after Thursday’s practice at the Cousins Center, Wilson noted that Yi is now going beyond what was asked of him.

    "He’s even starting to lift on a game days,’’ Wilson said. "He’s just doing a great job.’’

  • Ty at Bucks Diary writes that the Bucks are really defending this year so far... from inside the arc anyway.