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Saturday Bucks Notes

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  • Knicks 91 Bucks 88: Frank's recap here. The combination of blowing a big second half lead, losing for the third time in a row, and falling to a team coming off a historically bad 45-point loss the night before make this result particularly dispiriting. The Bucks are back where they started the season, at .500, now with a 7-7 record.
  • As previously mentioned,'s Rob Peterson live-blogged the game.
  • JS Online's Charles Gardner recaps the game.

    "I won't sleep easily tonight," said Bucks point guard Mo Williams. "These games here you just don't forget. That's a game we needed just as bad as them."

  • Brett at The Bratwurst adds a recap.

    Vegas was just begging people to take the Bucks.

    And when that happens it always means that you have to go the other way. And think of a reason why Vegas felt that New York was going to take this one.

  • Not all bad news from yesterday, as Ramon Sessions played another spectacular game for the Tulsa 66ers. His team fell 104-100, but Sessions put up big numbers again: 33 points on 12-22 shooting, nine assists, six rebounds, and four steals. Also, since no one on the Bucks can get to the line with any regularity other than Michael Redd, it's good to see Sessions attempting almost 13 free throws per game. Then again, the NBDL is a far cry from the NBA. In fact, the NBDL isn't even on the level of the Greek League, which wanted to make a star out of Charlie Bell. Bell has struggled so far, shooting .292 from the field. Surely though, Sessions, who is leading the NBDL in scoring and steals, has done everything possible in the span of three games to get the attention of the Bucks. I've touted Sessions since before the draft, so I'm really happy about his success. If he keeps this type of play up, we'll likely be seeing him in Milwaukee sooner rather than later.
  •'s Truman Reed also likes Sessions.

    Before the Milwaukee Bucks tipped off their 2007-08 season, I made a couple of forecasts to a few colleagues:

    No. 1, that Ramon Sessions, the Bucks' 2007 second-round draft pick, would probably spend at least some time in the National Basketball Development League this season.

    No. 2, that Sessions would prove to his skeptics someday soon that he is an NBA keeper.

  • More excellent analysis from Roland Beech compiles post timeout performance for the 2006-07 season. The Bucks rank lowly in all four measurements.