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Warriors 120, Bucks 90: Recap

The day after snapping their losing streak against the Clippers, the Bucks predictably were run off the court by the Warriors in Oakland, 120-90.

  • What was the difference? Well, the Warriors were good at making shots (52% fg, a silly 15/22 on threes) while the Bucks were not (40%, 3/13). The Bucks' 23 turnovers also didn't help.
  • The Warriors were running and gunning early, making 6/8 threes in the first quarter en route to a 30-25 lead. It was kind of odd the Bucks were even that close given how well the Warriors shot the ball, but the second unit laid another egg to start the second quarter, being outscored 8-0 to start the quarter. That group continues to be unable to make shots, as Bell and Villanueva combined for 0/6.
  • The Bucks have a hard enough time defending in the half court, but in a faster-paced game they really had no chance. It's also amazing how poor the Bucks are in the open court offensively. They don't try to push the ball much but even when they do guys seem pretty unsure of themselves. That's at least in part because the Bucks don't go out of their way to do it, so they rarely get numbers--it's often one guy trying to make something happen against two guys.
  • Stephen Jackson scored 15 in the first half and did a nice job on Mike Redd, holding him to eight in the half. Redd tried to take matters into his own hands more in the third quarter but it was already over by then. He scored 16 of his 24 in the period but the Warriors still outscored the Bucks by one in the period.
  • Bogut's numbers (10/8 on 4/5 fg) make it appear he was largely ignored but the Bucks made a concerted effort to get him post touches. The Warriors did a nice job sending doubles but the Bucks were sloppy and unable to take advantage with ball swings.
  • Mo Williams had his worst game in quite some time, scoring 10 points along with just three assists and five turnovers.
  • Yi seemed to have a hop in his step and perhaps the only thing worth keeping an eye on in the second half was whether he would get his first career double-double. He looked aggressive grabbing 10 rebounds (four offensive) along with a couple blocks, but he still isn't very involved on the offensive end. He had only one official attempt in the second half, which came in the opening minute of the third quarter.
  • I respect the fact that Austin Croshere doesn't seem to care what his hair looks like.