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Southwest Division Previews

The next group in a series of team previews administered by Celtics Blog is the Southwest Division. This features a fine collection of bloggers, befitting of a fine collection of basketball teams. Feel free to leave your predictions about this truly compelling division in the comments.

dal.gif hou.gif mem.gif noh.gif sas.gif

Dallas Mavericks
Jake Kerr: Mavs Moneyball

Houston Rockets
grungedave and UofTOrange: The Dream Shake  

Memphis Grizzlies
Joshua Coleman: 3 Shades of Blue

New Orleans Hornets
Rohan: At the Hive
ticktock6 & mW: Hornets Hype
Ryan Schwan & Ron Hitley:

San Antonio Spurs
Graydon Gordian: 48 Minutes of Hell

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