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Friday Notes: Previews, Paschketball, and title odds

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  • Our season preview.
  • The Bucks put their stateside sorrows far in the rearview mirror in a 98-94 win over the Warriors in China on Wednesday. Recaps: BrewHoop / JS Online / SF Gate
  •'s Marty Burns previews the 2008-09 Milwaukee Bucks, with a little help from my friend, Frank.
  • Hardwood Paroxysm's Milwaukee Bucks preview.

    Get on the Buckwagon, people. I can't make a comparison to a band because that would mean I've heard of them, and therefore the analogy is inadequate. The Bucks are quirky, mofos. Their center is Australian. They have a power forward with alopecia areata. Richard Jefferson will wilt and cry one second, then play through a concussion the next. Their coach has a gigantic skull like sputnik. This team is strange. And they play in Milwaukee. Come now. You know this is the kind of team you want to love. Love them. You'll be cooler for it.

  • Jim Paschke documents the team's trek to and through China with wonderful Paschketball updates.
  • Vegas' team title odds. The Bucks are 75/1 to win the 'ship. That's a midwest thing: The Twolves are also 75/1. The Nets are 60/1. Yes, the Nets of the Devin Harris/Vince Carter/Bobby Simmons/Yi Jianlian/Josh Boone starting lineup allegedly have better odds of delivering a title
  • Good news, Milwaukee: The Bucks are not among Forbes' ten sports franchises most likely to move.
  • Brett Boyer at The Bratwurst is happy to see Alexander at small forward.
  • Skeets urges Bango to cheer up.
  • Tas Melas at The Basketball Jones: not loving the new unis.