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Tuesday Notes: A week from now...

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  • ...and it's on. If you don't know by now, I'm talkin' about Chi-town. 7:30 central.
  • 'Tis the season to be clairvoyant, hence the plenitude of previews on the web of late. FreeDarko takes this to a unprecedented and glorious new level in the FreeDarko EVERY GAME PREVIEW. Since it's worth repeating, and you might be more italic-responsive than caps-responsive: Every game on the NBA sched'. So far: November / December / January / February. A one-game sample:

    Dec 17 Milwaukee@Philadelphia: You knew it had to happen sooner or later: the egos of Redd and Jefferson finally clash over who the true alpha on this team is. Tyronn Lue does what he's paid for and leads the delicate negotiations to get the two to finally agree to go back on the floor together, with the key condition being that Jefferson must limit himself to no more than 7 rebounds in a game. Balance is temporarily restored.

  • While we're on the general subject, team previews range in quality from solid to good to truly excellent to Ball Don't Lie's preview.

    When Skiles was at his best in Chicago, he was throwing huge waves of depth at teams, essentially benching whoever wasn’t feeling it that evening and going with the five toughest cats on his roster, talent-level be damned. Thing was, the Bulls had enough talent to make up for the fact that Allen or Eric Piatkowski (or both, brr) were playing an entire fourth quarter. I don’t know if these Bucks can hold up to this sort of mindset.

  • Dig into Deadspin's team preview, too.
  • The Sporting News offers a Bucks preview merrier than most.

    An opponent breaks down the Bucks: "I think the Milwaukee Bucks are going to be in the playoffs with guys on the perimeter like Redd and Jefferson, who can match up with anybody in the conference. The thing that might hurt them is depth on the front line because they lost a player there (Yi Jianlian) to get Jefferson in a deal that I think makes them a better team now. I think they can now compete on any given night with anybody in the league. If they can survive being thin up front, look out. ...

  • How many players from the lockout season of 1998-99 are still in the NBA? Well, not many. There are three from that Bucks team; can you name them? Hoops Analyst answers the questions.
  • David Aldridge ranks teams 1-30 in terms of offseason moves. The Bucks are 11th. This list features an interesting, some might say curious, first choice.
  • ESPN The Magazine's NBA Fun Facts: Milwaukee Bucks.
  • You know it's bad when you don't hear things like this in the preseason, but it's still nice to hear: JS Online's Charles Gardner reports Scott Skiles is complimenting Michael Redd, who shifted up a gear in China.
  • Gardner also notes the Bucks released Ron Howard and Kevin Kruger.
  • Ty at Bucks Diary breaks down the history of the Scotty Effect.
  • goes up and down Milwaukee's roster from a fantasy basketball perspective.