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Friday Notes: Home opener tomorrow, Stern talks arena, week in review

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  • The home opener is 24 hours away, but the good news is you can still get tickets.  If you missed anything this week, here's a summary of links:
  • Good news!  Everyone who understands math thinks the Bucks will be awful this season.  Don't open that link if you're easily depressed.
  • Tom Enlund reports that David Stern addressed the Bucks' arena issues at the OKC opener and said...well,nothing.
    "I don’t want to say I have concerns (about the Bucks and the arena situation," he said. "I think the normal evolution of our league probably says at some point, there will be a new building in Milwaukee."
    Ya think? Herb Kohl tread softly on the issue last week, so it's really no surprise that Stern would essentially punt as well, especially given the lingering resentment towards Stern over the Sonics' move. From a PR perspective he probably needs to wait at least a year or two before he starts making veiled threats about the Bucks' future in Milwaukee. 
  • Enlund also has a good take on Charlie Villanueva's role.  Considering Villanueva's maddening inconsistency the past few years, CV's start to the season was rather fitting--he looked destined for Scott Skiles' permanent doghouse in game one, only to lead the Bucks to victory in game two.
    "Charlie hasn't done anything to warrant not being in the lineup," Skiles said. "(To not start him) would have just been an arbitrary decision by me to try and do something different rotationally. So I think he deserves first crack at it."

    "He played well in exhibition. He's another guy who's trying to do everything we're asking him to do and we all know his natural ability. I've got to find a way to not only use him in the starting lineup but also use him with some second-unit guys, too."
  • has a mailbag for Charlie Bell.
  • Is this a cruel joke?  The Salt Lake Tribune writes that "Boston, Milwaukee, Orlando expected to be battling it out for tops in the East." Apparently this is serious.
  • Enlund notes that Ridnour's back continues to be a problem, which might help explain his miserable shooting thus far.  Then again Ridnour's not a good shooter to begin with, so I'd like suggest he cease shooting anything other than wide open jump shots for the time being.  Feel better, Luke.
  • Jim, Jon, and the Bucks broadcast crew are now Emmy winners--congrats to everyone at FSN Wisconsin for their continued great work! 
  • Our buddy Ryan McNeill at Hoops Addict is taking nominees for the best dunks of all time.  And you can win stuff, too.  As far as Bucks-related nominees, this one immediately came to mind.