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Preview: Wolves/Bucks

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The preseason tips off tonight at 7 pm at the Bradley Center, with tickets still available.  It will be the start of a busy week for the Bucks--not only do they have four games including the MACC Fund game next Saturday, but they head off to China on Sunday morning.  Starting lineups are unknown at this point, though Skiles warned Tom Enlund not to read too much into them:

"I wouldn’t read anything into what we do lineup-wise," Skiles said. "We’re going to look at some different things and see how it works. We already have some things in our mind about some nice combinations we’ve seen and we’ll see."

WTMJ 620 will be carrying the game and audio might also be streamed live on (it's a little unclear right now if that's going to happen). We'll recap after the game, and feel free to leave thoughts and impressions in the fanposts or comments.