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Preview: Bucks/Pistons

The Bucks visit the Palace of Auburn Hills to take on the Pistons tonight. Tipoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. This particular one-game road trip is abbreviated (they play in Lacrosse on Friday) and easily travelable (they embark on a trip to China next week).

On the court, the Bucks hope to rebound from a 117-79 pummeling delivered by the Wolves on Monday night. Allowing 117 points and blocking zero shots at home against the Wolves wasn't an inspiring start defensively, but keep in mind that game featured a pretty small dose of Milwaukee first-stringers, though Ramon Sessions managed 35 minutes.

Andrew Bogut is expected to play tonight after missing the preseason opener with a head full of headaches.

Bogut said he believes the headaches may stem from a childhood incident, when he rammed his head on the top of a picket fence.

"When I was about 11, I still remember it to this day," Bogut said. "I cut myself open on a fence. I've gotten them ever since then. I was playing football outside and bent over to pick up the football, and it was getting dark, and I smacked my head right on it."

Oh, and word from Detroit? Rasheed Wallace is (apparently) the chatty type.

WTMJ 620 will carry the game and you can try's live stream with NBA Audio League Pass. There's also some debate about whether the game will be viewable on DirecTV's League Pass.