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Tuesday Notes: Hammond interview, Power rankings, Redd's playlist

  • Our man Rob Peterson interviewed John Hammond for last week.  Thanks for dropping our name, Rob.  Have we mentioned how much we love Rob Peterson over at BrewHoop HQ?
  • Gery Woelfel writes that the Bucks aren't right without Michael Redd.
  • Luc Mbah a Moute's all-around excellence has a lot of people doing a double-take, but not our friends at Bruins Nation.
  • InsideHoops catches Andrew Bogut in a pretty good mood. That's probably because the interview was conducted a few games ago, on Nov. 2.

    Basketball is fun again in Milwaukee. Coach’s system is a tough system to learn, but it’s proven to get results and I’ve enjoyed the last few games.

  • Speaking of Bogut, Shaquille O'Neal supposedly* wrote the below quote in his supposed Twitter feed following the win over the Bucks. Since we all know The Big Aristotle is such a big battle-rapper... Shaq / what you lack / is humility  / even more than free-throw shooting ability. That said, he sure does have Bogut's number in head-to-head matchups. (*It's not verified that this is Shaq's Twitter feed. And thanks to Phoenix Stan at BSoS and Ben Q Rock of 3QC in Fanshots for the heads-up on this story.)

    Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard.

  • Ball Don't lie ranks the Bucks the 19th best team in the National Basketball Association.
  • The Bucks stand 19th in FoxSports' power rankings.
  • also rates the Bucks 19th.
  •'s Marty Burns places the Bucks 20th.
  • At The Hive hosts the blogger team power rankings, where the Bucks are pegged 21st.
  • Marc Stein at agrees, ranking the Bucks 21st as well.
  • Toshitaka Kondo of Rhapsody reveals Michael Redd's playlist. Vibe's Chris Yuscavage doesn't list any of Redd's songs among the most interesting of the NBA stars' picks.
  • Yi Jianlian is playing some basketball in Jersey. Yi put up 24/10/4 against the Heat last night.