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Game Thread: Bucks/Celtics

Bucks hope to lay a loss on the champs.

Bucks (2-2) @ Celtics (4-1)

Gametime: 6:30 p.m. central time (FSN-W)


Bucks: Luke Ridnour / Michael Redd / Richard Jefferson / Charlie Villanueva / Andrew Bogut

Celtics: Rajon Rondo / Ray Allen / Paul Pierce / Kevin Garnett / Kendrick Perkins


Bucks: Michael Redd (ankle) is day-to-day.

Celtics: None.

07/08 Series:

Dec. 14: @Celtics 104 Bucks 82

March 15: Celtics 99 @Bucks 77

April 8: Celtics 107 @Bucks 104

April 11: @Celtics 102 Bucks 86

08/09 Advanced Stats:

Bucks: Offense: 19th (103.2 points/100 possessions) Defense: 10th (101.1)  Pace: 14th (92.2)

Celtics: Offense: 27th (94.5 points/100 possessions) Defense: 2nd (93.6) Pace: 7th (94.5)

Three points:

  • Ex-Ray. Former Buck Ray Allen has averaged 15.5 points in his career against Milwaukee, his lowest average against any NBA team. His 1.5 rebounds and 2.3 assists against the Bucks are also his worst numbers against any opponent. Of course, he's only faced off against Milwaukee six times.
  • Sessions impressin'. Ramon Sessions is averaging 8.3 assists, fifth in the NBA. It's absurdly early; he's only played three games. Still, it's nice to look at the top ten company he's in the middle of: Paul, Calderon, Nash, Kidd, James, Parker, Wade, Rondo, Iverson. At least seven likely HOF'ers, along with former World Champ Calderon and defending NBA champ Rondo.
  • Offensive offense. The C's aren't hitting on many offensive cylinders early on this season. Not only do they rank 27th in offensive efficiency, only the Kings are turning the ball over more than Boston. And they rank 28th in three-point percentage. Their trademark defense has made up for the offensive problems, and with Pierce/Garnett/Allen, the offense figures to kick into gear any time now... Just hopefully not tonight.

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