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Tuesday Notes: Recapping the first 29, snow day stories, Bogut's back, CV embraces his role, latest rankings

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  • Here's my piece from yesterday on the good and the bad from the Bucks' first 29 games.  As usual, I was intending to write a small piece about the novelty of the Bucks' net scoring differential being positive for the first time in over a month, and somehow it ends up being a long-winded season recap.  Brevity just is not my thing.
  • Ty and Bucks Diary are moving to MVN.  Congrats and enjoy the new digs!
  • Jeff Sherman at On Milwaukee writes that it's time for Milwaukee to support the Bucks.  We here at Brew Hoop wholeheartedly agree (shocking, right?). 
  • If you're not reading Andrew Bogut's blog, go there now and get an account (there's a reason we've added it to our blogroll).  In his latest entry, Bogut writes about his suddenly balky back, the Bucks' Christmas party, and Aussie hoops. It was about time somebody on the Bucks started blogging, and the fact that it's their most important player is rather convenient, isn't it? 
  • Gery Woelfel writes that Joe Alexander is hopeful of making it to Phoenix for the dunk contest.
    One time, Alexander took a few steps before ascending to the point where his head was level with the rim.

    Alexander then banged his forehead against the rim not once but twice while delivering a dunk.

    Standing at the opposite end of the court, Bucks center Andrew Bogut thoroughly enjoyed Alexander’s gravity-defying feat, so much so that he wanted to see Alexander do it again.

    And Alexander did.
    I can't really picture how Alexander can do that, or why he's even willing to try it, but I definitely want to see it. I can only assume it's a little bit like Dwight Howard's "kiss the rim" dunk.
  • Tom Enlund writes the Bucks are still looking for consistency.
  • In their youth, Bucks players braved the cold and snow to play some outdoor hoops, writes's Truman Reed.
    Veteran guard Tyronn Lue remembers braving the elements as a kid growing up in Missouri.

    "Yeah. We'd go out and shovel the snow off the court and play," he said. "That might be the dumbest thing I've ever done. Once in awhile, we'd walk through the snow to get to the gym, but I've played outside before, too, on a playground.

    It was probably 20 degrees. We were running around playing. We were probably 10, 11 years old. It was crazy. We played for awhile. Once you get a little sweat going, you kind of get used to it. We played with gloves for a few seconds, then after awhile we took them off and just kept going."
  • Charlie Villanueva chats with SLAM Online's Matt Caputo in a really good, wide-ranging interview.

    SLAM: Do you think coming off the bench has helped you or did it mess with your head a little bit?
    CV: It did in the beginning of my career, but I still play starter minutes. Teams don’t always have the best five guys on the floor. I’m like the sixth guy, it depends, maybe if there is a point guard in foul trouble, someone will go in ahead of me, but generally I’m the sixth man. I kind of enjoy coming off the bench and I actually have the advantage of seeing what’s going on before I go into the game.

  • Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times writes that the Lakers could be interested in Tyronn Lue now that Jordan Farmar is facing an extended stint on the sidelines.  The Bucks could stand to deal Lue given Sessions deserves more burn and Bell can also fill in at the 1, but dealing Lue for someone like Chris Mihm doesn't really make much difference IMO.  Now, if you could package him with a longer-term deal for an expiring deal, then you'd be on to something.  But who wants Tyronn Lue that much?
  • Pre-draft favorite Richard Hendrix was recently released by the Warriors to make room for Monta Ellis, and both Brett at The Bratwurst and Ty from Bucks Diary say the Bucks should go after him.  While Hendrix has been productive wherever he's been, the problem of course is the Bucks already have the maximum 15 players under contract.  Granted, it's not like Damon Jones or Francisco Elson are providing anything of value, but I doubt the Bucks buy out Jones to add a'd be far too progressive. 
  • Latest power rankings: