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Wednesday Notes: Redd dunks, Bucks defending, MVP/ROY and power rankings

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  • From JS Online's Tom Enlund: Michael Redd is dunking at practice.

    It wasn’t like he was up real high,” joked Bell. “He’s a tall guy with long arms. But he dunked. We haven’t seen Mike play in like two or three weeks and it’s like when we left (on last week’s trip) he was just sitting there on the sideline. We leave for a few days and come back and he’s dunking. So you tell me, something ain’t right with that, you know?”

  • The Bucks are getting outrebounded, and need Andrew Bogut on the court, writes Brett Boyer at The Bratwurst.
  • It should be no surprise to you that Randy Hill at says Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is among the NBA's most pleasant surprises.
  • Reggie Miller, writing for, declares that Scott Skiles gets results.

    Having played with Scott my first two seasons in the NBA, I knew exactly what type of coach he was going to be: annoying. I mean this in a good way. As a player, Scott was an in-your-face, perfectionist kind of guy.

  • An impressive bit of stat-crunching by's John Schuhmann backs up Reggie's point: the Bucks are the NBA's most improved defensive team, as of Nov. 26.
  • Attendance at the Bradley Center is ever-so-modestly up, at 15,998 this season from 15,595 last year. As the Daily Dime reports, that makes the Bucks just one of eight teams with increased attendance through Nov. 28, in spite of the economic recession.
  • Michael Redd would excel under Don Nelson according to Dime Magazine.
  • It's always nice to be home for the holidays, but Thanksgiving in Detroit had to do for the Bucks this year, as Jim Paschke reflects on in Paschketball.
  • Hot or Not? Cuzoogle explains, in female photograph form, that the Bucks are nice to look at, well, sometimes.
  • Upside and Motor fashionably hosts the second round of the MVP/ROY Blogger Rankings, a cheery singalong edition just in time for the holiday season.
  • Another week of Power Ranking the Bucks: