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Wednesday Bucks Notes

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Redd delivers the dagger.

  • The Bucks beat the Cavaliers 105-102 last night, thanks to Michael Redd's buzzer-beating three pointer, which came six seconds after LeBron James tied the game. The Bucks have beaten the Pistons, Nuggets, and Cavaliers in the last week, rivaling their mid-November run when they topped the Cavaliers, Lakers, and Mavericks in less than a week.
  • Michael Redd is a happy Buck according to Tom Enlund of JS Online. And this news came before his game-winner. In any event, it sounds as though he's not interested in being the number one guy on a losing team for the rest of his career.

    Redd was asked whether he ever thought that maybe it just wouldn't happen for him here.

    "You go through phases," he said. "You want to win and the way the season has gone this year, it's, like . . . not again. But I can't say I've had too many years like this, though, here in Milwaukee. I've been in the playoffs four times since I've been here. But this has been one of the worst seasons. . . . It has been, definitely.

    "This year, we don't have too many excuses. Last year, we had injuries. This year, we've been healthy and just haven't got it done."

  • Tom of CelticsBlog hosts Round 7 of the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings. LeBron James remains the MVP pick but three other players received first-place votes.
  • has numbers on player pair team leaders. The Celtics top duo is Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitzki are the best for the Mavericks. Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard make the Magic go, just as Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh do for the Raptors. The Bucks? Apparently Desmond Mason and Michael Ruffin.
  • The Bucks are performing good deeds both an and off the court, as Jim Paschke notes in the latest Paschketball feature on Check out the link for details and video.
  • In rankings released Monday,'s Marty Burns ranks the Bucks 23rd.
  • Marc Stein at pegs the Bucks 24th and wonders aloud why the Bucks didn't accept the deal for Zach Randolph.
  • John Hollinger's formula is the least kind, ranking the Bucks 27th.
  • Drew Packham, who has been following the rookies all year long for, rates Yi Jianlian as an honorable mention this week. He ranks eight forwards (Al Horford, Jamario Moon, Al Thornton, Luis Scola, Thaddeus Young, Sean Williams, Carl Landry, and Jeff Green) by my count in front of Yi. The most interesting is surely Landry, who played high school basketball for Milwaukee Vincent, and fell out of the first round of the draft after a distinguished college career at Purdue.
  • Yi has also fallen in David Thorpe's Rookie Rankings at, checking in 12th.
  • Ty at Bucks Diary offers his impressions of DraftExpress' top seven draft prospects. Ty is pretty critical of the group, but even he can't help but appreciate Michael Beasley.

    I've warmed to this guy in a big way. His numbers are incredible. I still think his best position is small forward, but when you rebound and attack the basket like he does you can basically play anywhere. He should be a star. Perhaps another Marques Johnson circa 1977?