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Simmons in '08 Gaining Steam

Hardwood Paroxysm has better photoshop skills than us (note the purple logo though)

Earlier this week we officially threw our support behind Bill Simmons' campaign for the Bucks GM job, and we're now seeing the momentum build. It started with our buds at Hardwood Paroxysm getting in on the train, and then Bill assured us personally he's in this for the long haul. In fact, his latest ESPN the Magazine article is fully devoted to why he should be running the Bucks.

More important still, I'm a true fan. Know what that means, people of Milwaukee? No more JumboTron music blaring during games. Cheerleaders who are the perfect blend of "wholesome" and "possibly slutty after three drinks." One free kielbasa and Miller Lite at the next game every time we get blown out by double figures at home. A suggestion box to which you can e-mail trade ideas or ways to frame Gadzuric for a crime to get him off our cap. Exciting interviews in which I say things I should never say because I just can't help myself. Maybe even—wait for it—an annual preseason game outdoors in Lambeau. (Admit it, you just pulled a Dr. Evil, pressing a finger against your mouth and saying, "Hmmm.")

Truly change we can believe in. For more on this, check out Bill on Homer's show today around 5:20.