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Friday Bucks Notes

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Celebrating leap year with the Cowboy.

  • The Bucks fell 120-106 to the Nets last night (Brew Hoop recap / JS recap / video).
  • Nevermind last night's hiccup in Jersey;'s Rob Peterson is cautious but ready to hop back on the Bucks' bandwagon. He's right that there is time to join, and we're here to say there's still room too.

    Fast forward to Feb. 27, 2008, the day after Michael Redd drained a cold-blooded three in Wally Szczerbiak's grille to give Milwaukee a 105-102 win over the Cavs. In a week's time, they've defeated Detroit, Denver and Cleveland. (They also got rolled by the Pistons in Auburn Hills, but who's counting? Wait, we are...)

    In the past, as Redd's three hit the bottom of the net, I may have let out a whoop, jumped as high as I could (10 inches) and did a little fist pump.

    Last night, I didn't move.

  • David Noel had 23 points, eight rebounds, three assists, and two steals in a 112-103 win for the Tulsa 66ers last night. Noel made all four of his three pointers in the game, raising his already impressive three point shooting rate to 45.0 % while in the NBDL.
  • John Hollinger lists GMs on the chopping block as his seventh of ten under-the-radar storylines to watch down the stretch. Larry Harris is among the names noted.

    The other situation to watch is in Milwaukee, where it appears owner Sen. Herb Kohl revoked Larry Harris' swapping privileges at last week's trading deadline. However, no further action has been taken and no candidates have come forward as possibilities for the gig. Perhaps the senator will relent if the Bucks' recent stretch of quasi-inspired play continues and results in a playoff berth.

    No candidates have come forward? Apparently Bill Simmons hasn't sent his colleague, Mr. Hollinger, the memo (or a copy of ESPN the Magazine) explaining his active campaign for the GM job. It's all about Simmons in '08.

  • The Bratwurst is open to the idea of Simmons taking over as GM.

    To be honest, he’d be a pretty good hire. No better than hiring me, but better than hiring a retread who has already failed as a GM once (looking squarely at Rick Sund) or someone who has been jettisoned from all of his previous NBA positions for being so intense it bordered on mental instability (calling Doug Collins).

  • Yao Ming is out for the year due to a stress fracture in his left foot. There is some speculation that Yao could miss the Olympics taking place in China this summer, though Yao has repeatedly stressed the imporantance he places on the competition. If Yao were to miss the event, Yi Jianlian would truly step into a marquee role in Beijing.
  • The Onion has fun at the expense of the Bucks. The joke isn't timely though, because the Bucks have won three in a row at home, including some dramatic wins that got the Bradley Center rocking.