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From Bags to Bill Simmons

For many fans, Saturday's bag revolt provided a welcome distraction from what's been happening on the court of late; yes, even fans with paper bags on their heads are more interesting than the actual product on the court at the moment. We were almost starting to feel kind of bad about giving it so much publicity--can't we find SOME room for positivity--but then the Bucks gave up 42 fourth quarter points to the freakin' Heat tonight. Good lord. So we won't feel bad in the least about giving you a little more follow-up on the bag protest, in the form of a video slideshow that was dropped in our inbox this afternoon (above).

With the last month providing little in the way of real drama, get ready for the Bill Simmons GM campaign to heat up. Aside from speculating on the draft, the Simmons hype is really the only interesting thing the Bucks have going for them at the moment, and a planned campaign stop in Brew City will do nothing but help. There's another very well done youtube/Simmons video right here; it takes a turn for the personal at the end, but you can't deny the production value. As for Bill, it sounds like the Sports Gal is emotionally preparing herself for a move to the Midwest. From her NCAA picks:

USC (6) over Wisconsin (3): This is the real-life matchup and result if Bill takes the Milwaukee Bucks GM job: I will be choosing Southern California over Wisconsin and living off 50 percent of Bill's salary.

Marquette (6) over Cornell (14): Maybe I could talk myself into the Bucks GM thing if we lived somewhere near Marquette; I always thought it seemed like a nice school. Also, I'd be considered a twig if we lived in Wisconsin. Everyone would tell me how skinny I was all the time and ask me where I worked out and what I did. I could introduce the women there to pilates and explain to them the dangers of brats and cheese curds. I like the thought of being regarded as an exercise pioneer even if it wasn't true.