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NBA Drew's Tour Almost Complete

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Are there are perks to being NBA Drew (left)? Yes.

A few weeks ago we mentioned Milwaukee resident Drew Cieszynski's incredible 07/08 journey: watching home games of all 30 NBA teams in one season. Drew has now finished 29 out of 30 stops, with the final destination also the closest to home: the Bradley Center on Saturday, where he'll see the Nets take on the Bucks.  Drew's been blogging all the way, and we'll be featuring an interview with Drew early next week that touches on the highlights of his trip, his thoughts on NBA arenas and the fan experience in general, and of course details of his Bucks' experience.

Jim Stingl at the Journal-Sentinel has a terrific profile of Drew in addition to an audio slideshow of his season. Drew tells us he'll probably be hanging out at Gametime on 4th Street after the game, and he encourages people to stop by and say hello.