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Timberwolves 110 Bucks 101: Recap

In fitting form, the Bucks lost their final game of the season by blowing a substantial lead to one of the NBA's worst teams, falling 110-101 in overtime to the Timberwolves. The lackluster extra five minutes pushed the Bucks' season-ending losing streak to eight games.

Three Bucks

  • Ramon Sessions. We have more on Sessions below, but first we can't help but comment about how refreshing it is to see his teammates looking to return the assist favor on occassion. Yes, only on occassion, but it's a start. Sessions' pass-first-and-second nature is obviously appreciated and maybe even a little bit infectious. Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, and Charlie Villanueva have all attempted flashy passes with pretty good results lately. Might Memo be bringing back the pass?
  • Andrew Bogut. Bogut had his way down low, scoring 22 points on 11-16 from the field along with 15 rebounds. He didn't get to the free throw line or pick up a steal or block though, the implication being we've seen him more aggressive.
  • Desmond Mason. As usual, it's not an easy task finding three worthy Bucks of late, but we'll give the nod to Mason, who showed some effort getting to the line, where he made all six of his free throws. And mark him down as happy to have an alley-oop'ing point guard.

Three Numbers

  • 1. As in, the Bucks won only one period out of five tonight, and while the second quarter was impressive, that couldn't make up for the slow start and even worse, mostly wasteful and shameful finish.
  • 32. Randy Foye netted a career-high 32 points, and torched the Bucks from long range, hitting 4-5 (mostly open) three pointers.
  • 5:38. The Bucks held the Timberwolves scoreless for 5:38 after Marko Jaric hit a three pointer with 6:05 to go in the second quarter. In doing so, they turned a four point deficit into an eight point lead. The Timberwolves aren't a good offensive team, but that usually doesn't matter (see: later in the game). After allowing a depressing 32 points in the first quarter, the Bucks actually played some defense as they won the second quarter 29-13.

Three Good

  • Sessions' impression. Memo has made encores his trademark so far in the NBA, seemingly always topping his last effort with something more spectacular. Coming off an all-world performance against the Bulls, Sessions maintained a very high level of play against the Timberwolves. He didn't drop 27 assists or anything, but did show off more precious point guard instincts by moving the ball quickly and decisively and delivering the ball to players in positions to score. He finished with 25 points, 14 assists, and seven rebounds, which shockingly isn't even all that surprising anymore. With Mo Williams and Royal Ivey out, he also logged 53 minutes. If nothing else, Sessions has given us a great reason to look forward to...
  • Next year. And the countdown to 2008-09 starts... now. For a team that finished so poorly, there were some positives to take from the season's final few weeks. In addition to the blinding bright spot that was Ramon Sessions, we were happy to watch Desmond Mason pretty obviously care despite having little to play for. We also witnessed Andrew Bogut's game grow this season, evolving into a legitimate defensive presence and more consistent offensive contributor this year. With new GM John Hammond in place and the offseason beginning tomorrow, we're forecasting an eventful and interesting offseason.
  • Draft. The NBA draft is 70 days away. They just blew a 16-point lead to the Timberwolves to lose their eighth in a row, what else did you really expect?

Three Bad

  • Where closing games doesn't happen. Naturally, the Bucks just couldn't cruise to a win, despite holding a 16-point lead with 20 minutes and change remaining in regulation. The Bucks let the Timberwolves come all the way back to tie the game at 83-83 and then couldn't close the game in regulation, carelessly turning the ball over on multiple occassions with the game in the balance. Up 94-90 with 1:23 in regulation, the Bucks didn't attempt any sort of shot again until overtime. At least the Bucks' collapse gave Timberwolves fans a win to appreciate on Fan Appreciation Night in Minneapolis.
  • Defenseless. The extra period allowed time for the Timberwolves to hit triple digits in points, the thirteenth straight opponent to score at least 100 points against the Bucks. The Bucks left three point attempts and driving lanes wide open in the first quarter and reverted back to their defenseless ways late in the game.
  • The season. The Bucks finish the year with 26 wins, an entirely disappointing total and a dozen games short of the meager 38 wins required to make the playoffs. The East isn't catching up to the West in the immediate future, but it's never going to get easier to punch a postseason ticket than this year.