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Playing All Four Quarters? Maybe Next Year

We all know the Bucks had trouble with consistency this year, and if you need more confirmation:

BrewHoop research found that the Bucks won all four quarters of a game once in 82 games this season, on Nov. 6 against the Raptors, a game so nice we recapped it twice.

In fairness, the Bucks were outscored in each quarter five times (Dec. 1 verus Pistons, Dec. 5 versus Warriors, Dec. 31 versus Pistons, Jan. 25 versus Raptors, Jan. 30 versus Sixers) this season, so it's clearly not something that occurs very often either way given all the blowouts. Still, the one all-quarters win accounted for 3.8 % of 26 wins while the five all-quarters losses accounted for 8.9 % of 56 losses so the Bucks were definitely more likely to string together four bad quarters than four good ones. Also interesting is that the Raptors figured in both extremes.