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Bucks Decline, They're 109

We were lucky enough to contribute to ESPN Magazine's recently released Ultimate Standings: Fan Satisfaction Rankings, in which the Bucks placed 109th overall... out of 122 sports franchises in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

This year marked the sixth edition of the annual rankings, which are based on eight categories, including Bang for the Buck. Apparently the Bucks don't have much bang because they rated 98th in the category. They finished 118th in Title Track category, which aims to measure "titles already won or expected -- soon." Can't really argue that.

The project was conducted before the changes in management so feel free to bump the Bucks up a few spots with Hammond and Skiles on board. Yes, that's correct, we're talking Pittsburgh Pirates / New York Jets territory.

The Bucks are down 15 spots from last year's 94th ranking. Wisconsin fared alright overall though, as the Packers rated fourth and the Brewers finished 13th.