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Tuesday Bucks Notes

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  • In his latest NBA mailbag, Bill Simmons spends less time campaigning for the Bucks' GM position and more time just straight-up feeling sorry for Bucks fans. He's also apparently getting tired of waiting for the Bucks to call...

    SG: See, these are the moments when it's a bummer that my Bucks' campaign never got going. I could have put this on my platform and everything: "Promise No. 27 -- we're going to draft Kevin Love and make him wear No. 69." With the Love/69 gimmick, his Color Me Badd beard and his dumpy physique, K-Love would have had every female's heart in Milwaukee fluttering. They wouldn't know whether they'd want to cheer him, make out with him or cook him a brat. Now we'll never know. But seriously, Milwaukee, enjoy Doug Collins, Billy King or Keenan Ivory Paxson as your next GM. Best of luck with that.

  • On the GM search subject, Gery Woelfel writes about the latest hot names, with David Griffin heading the list, also being the team's second interview after Rick Sund. Meanwhile, the Seattle Times says Sonics assistant GM Scott Perry could get a call. Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports that Griffin is likely to stay in Phoenix:

    Suns Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin went to Milwaukee on Monday to talk to Bucks officials about their vacant general manager job but has let Milwaukee know that he is leaning toward remaining with the Suns. Griffin was a candidate for the Memphis GM job last year but pulled his name out.

    RealGM's paulpressey25 notes that on the post-game show over the weekend, Woelfel alluded to the Bucks bringing in an established GM for an interview this week, but didn't give a name.

  • Rankings updates:
    • Thanks to Brett at Queen City Hoops, who hosts an entertaining Round 10 of the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings. Who knows if the writers who vote for the award will agree, but with only a couple weeks left in the regular season, neither Kobe Bryant nor LeBron James tops the bloggers' MVP list. Here's the ballot I submitted:

      MVP 1: Chris Paul 2: LeBron James 3: Kobe Bryant 4: Kevin Garnett 5: Dwight Howard 6: Tim Duncan 7: Steve Nash 8: Dirk Nowitzki 9: Deron Williams 10: Amare Stoudemire
      ROY 1: Kevin Durant 2: Al Horford 3: Luis Scola 4: Carl Landry 5: Jamario Moon

    • The Bucks are ahead of the Knicks... and, well, no else in Marc Stein's Power Rankings at
    • John Hollinger's formula has the Bucks ranked 26th.
    • It's never good when you have to click through three pages and still scroll down to find your team in Marty Burns' Power Rankings, but that's where you'll find the 27th ranked Bucks. The good news for you is we already did all the work so you don't have to. The bad news is the Bucks aren't very good.
  • We're talking about a seriously small sample size, but still: rookie Ramon Sessions has the team's top overall +/- score this season, at +21. He ranks third on the Bucks with a +2.3 Roland Rating.
  • So, while he might not be the best player in history of the NBA, Brett at The Bratwurst has mostly good things to say about Sessions too.

    Sessions is only shooting a pretty typical 36%, but he has been doing a nice job of limiting his shots. This has kept him off of the line, but has also kept his low percentage from hurting the team (better you shoot 2-6 with 8 assists than 6-18 with nine assists). While he is doing a great job so far, I wonder what would happen should he go back to his old ways.

  • There are more than 82 reasons to love, but instead of going through them all we instead present a sampling of interesting finds from the website:
    • There is only one player in the NBA making a better percentage of two-point jump shots than Mo Williams, who converts 50.8 %.
    • Michael Redd is producing 42.7 points per 48 minutes in clutch time, defined as "4th quarter or overtime, less than 5 minutes left, neither team ahead by more than 5 points." That places him 5th in the NBA, but he's shooting a weak 39.5 % from the field in that same clutch time.
    • Bobby Simmons ranks 10th in field goal percentage in clutch time, at 58.3 %. Yi Jianlian is 12th at 57.9 %.
  • We'd be remiss to not link this: Empty the Bench details 20 of's more hideous items for sale.
  • This isn't Bucks-related, but is very cool: our buds at 3 Shades of Blue unveil Part One of their interview with Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley.