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Friday Bucks Notes

  • Scott Skiles spoke to Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune about his new gig and his old one.  It's well worth a read, especially if you like overanalyzing quotes (like us).
    "This was an interesting situation to me," Skiles said. "John Hammond getting the job [as Bucks general manager] … he's a guy with a definite philosophy and he's going to try to stick to it. That's appealing. They have a good young center [Andrew Bogut] and those are hard to come by. It's a town I'm familiar with and a conference and a division I'm familiar with.

    "I don't look at it as a total rebuilding project—they've got some nice pieces. Michael Redd can score and Mo Williams can score. And there are some prospects. It can be an up-and-coming team.

    "They have been a very poor defensive team and they don't pass the ball well," Skiles conceded. "Those are two kind of glaring things. We need to share the ball and we need to play solid defense. Those are a couple of things we'll be working on."
    So does that mean he views Williams and Redd as key building blocks for the future? I wouldn't bet on it. Certainly the weaknesses mentioned in the third paragraph could be interpreted as problems with the backcourt especially. But until further notice Mo and Mike are Milwaukee Bucks, so there's no point in trying to blame just them for what was a collective problem.
  • Speaking of overanalyzing, Bucks Diary wonders if John Hammond really believes the Bucks underachieved last year.
    I'm going to give Hammond the benefit of the doubt. I am going to assume he's just putting lipstick on the pig he will probably have to sell at public auction next season. It may very well be that Hammond realizes it will take him a couple of years at least to get rid of some of the past regimes long-term mistakes.

    Indeed, that is the view espoused by Bucks announcer Ted Davis. He believes there really isn't much Hammond can do immediately to revamp the roster. He will have to wait until some of the more foolish contract obligations the Bucks made finally expire. Davis believes, however, that either Michael Redd or Mo Williams will be traded before next season, with Redd being the more saleable commodity (even with his massive contract).
    In a completely unrelated note, Ted Davis is awesome.  The worst part about having League Pass is that I rarely have an excuse to listen to Ted call games on the radio.
  • As for former Bucks coaches, Terry Stotts is expected to join Rick Carlisle's staff in Dallas while Terry Porter interviewed yesterday with the Suns for their vacant head coaching position. Porter is currently an assistant with the Pistons. Best of luck to both of the Terrys wherever they do end up.
  • Oscar Robertson is being honored by his alma mater the University of Cincinnati--but not for his basketball prowess.  Yesterday the Big O received the Cincinnati Business School's Lifetime Achievement Award.
    One of the nation’s leading small business owners, Robertson presently heads companies active in the fields of document and facilities management (OR Solutions), processed foods (OR Foods), publishing (Oscar Robertson Media Ventures), and specialty chemicals (Orchem). The latter company recently expanded into the consumer product arena with an enzyme-based, environmentally-friendly line of stain remover wipes under the product name "FadeAway." The Big O is also a board member of Countrywide Financial Corporation, the nation’s leading mortgage lender.

    Robertson graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1960 with a degree in business. He was recently awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters by his alma mater. Robertson and his wife Yvonne are co-chairs of the University’s current $800 million capital campaign.
  • If you read Brew Hoop regularly then you probably know we're big fans of Matt and Corn over at Hardwood Paroxysm, so we're rather excited to say that they've now joined the Sports Blog Nation family with their draft and D-League-focused site, Ridiculous Upside.  In case you're wondering, was taken, but I think they ended up with a pretty sweet name anyway. They kicked off the day with a mock draft that has the Bucks taking Anthony Randolph at the seven spot.  They promise to be changing that almost daily though.