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Mock Draft: Surveying the Field

So as expected the Bucks didn't hit the jackpot last night, in fact dropping a spot to number eight in the draft while the Bulls made the leap all the way to number one. For the moment two 19-year olds are getting the most buzz at the Bucks' pick: Indiana scoring guard Eric Gordon and Olimpia Milano small forward Danilo Gallinari.

  • ESPN's Chad Ford projects the Bucks to take Gordon, with Danilo Gallinari and Russell Westbrook going just ahead of the Bucks' selection.
    Milwaukee could go in a lot of different directions. Its biggest need is at small forward, but this may be too high to draft Joe Alexander or Donte Greene. With the Bucks expected to be active on the trade market this summer, they can draft the best available player and then work things out later.

    Gordon is a dynamic scorer who could free up the Bucks to trade Michael Redd.

  • The Sporting News' Mike Decourcy predicts Gordon, behind Gallinari and Randolph and ahead of Westbrook and Love.
    Some pro scouts looked at Gordon early on as a potential point, but a conversion would be a mistake. Gordon is a natural scorer. If Ben Gordon is big enough to do that job, Eric Gordon -- with two extra inches and superior leaping ability -- can handle it. Eric collapsed at the end of his freshman year and has commitment issues, for sure.
  • DraftExpress sees the Bucks addressing their small forward situation by selecting Gallinari.
    Milwaukee has a lot of talent at virtually every position on their roster except small forward at this point, making that clearly their biggest need in this draft. Rather than making sweeping personnel changes, they decided to change the head coach and general manager, opting to bring in a new culture to the organization, one with more of an emphasis on accountability and mental toughness, drawing from fellow Eastern conference foes Detroit and Chicago to help accomplish that.

    The best small forward on the board here is clearly Danilo Gallinari, and in this particular projection, he falls right into their lap, making this a no brainer decision considering the versatility, unselfishness and high-level experience he brings to the table. Donte Greene will get a serious look too, although he might not have as much value here.


  • Tom Ziller at AOL and also project Gallinari.
  • Gery Woelfel envisions the Bucks going for the home run with 19-year old LSU forward Anthony Randolph.
  • Ridiculous Upside continues to project us to take Texas PG D.J. Augustin, though I think they're just trying to annoy me at this point.
  • The Bratwurst sees Gordon in Bucks' green, not that Brett is happy with it.
    Even though Gordon doesn’t really fill a need here, I think that the Kelvin Sampson connection will see Gordon wearing a Bucks jersey next season. With his devastatingly quick first step, I think there is a chance that Gordon could become a special Dwyane Wade-type player at some point, but not immediately. However, he would combine with Ramon Sessions to form a pretty potent second unit backcourt next season. Keep an eye on Gordon’s predraft measurements — if he turns out to be 6′2″ instead of 6′3″ he might fall out of the top 15, but if he is 6′4″ he might be gone before the Bucks get their pick.