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Weekend Bucks Notes

  • Charles Gardner at the JS reports that Charlie Villanueva knows it's possible (to say the least) that he gets dealt this summer. Remember that in January Villanueva wrote candidly on his blog about the same subject, and it figures that the addition of Scott Skiles as coach isn't likely to extend CV's stay in Milwaukee.

    "There are going to be some changes; it's a no-brainer," Villanueva said in a phone interview from his New York home. "I'm starting to hear the same rumors I heard when I was in Toronto.

    "I can't control that."

  • Ersan Ilyasova helped lead Barcelona into the Spanish league finals with 15 points and 18 rebounds in Barca's 85-71 win over DKV Joventut today. Barcelona wins the best of three series 2-0 following their 93-90 road win on Thursday, when Ersan posted 16 points and 14 boards.  Though he missed all six of his shots inside the three point line, Ersan made 2/3 from distance in addition to a season high 9/13 from the foul line.

    These are really huge performances for Ersan and you can bet the Bucks are taking notice. If the Bucks are still short at the forward spot after the draft and the early part of free agency, you could certainly picture them making an effort to get Ilyasova back into the fold. Otherwise he can spend another year in Spain working on his game, which realistically could be the best thing for his long-term development.

  • has video from the Bucks lottery party held for season ticket holders:

    • Ramon Sessions: He talks to Jim Paschke about getting a call while at Tulsa to work on his passing more, as well as how assistant coach Bill Peterson helped him with his game.
    • Scott Skiles: An 18-minute Q&A with Jim that's definitely worth a look. Skiles doesn't tip his hat that much--shockingly, you're not going to find any insight on the draft or who he wants shipped out this summer--but he talks a bit about his coaching philosophy, his past in Milwaukee, Yi Jianlian as a "prospect," and having lunch with Michael Redd recently.
  • Gardner also reports that Yi will miss the Chinese national teams' training sessions this week. No mention of which specific injury is keeping him out, but it's apparently one he sustained with the Bucks (probably the knee injury). On the one hand, getting Yi some more rest before a busy summer isn't a bad thing. But at the same time, the last thing the Bucks want to see is Yi playing through injuries because he doesn't want to let his country down. Get better, big fella.
  • Ben Homrig at the Indiana Daily Student is positively thrilled at the possibility of seeing Eric Gordon reunited with Kelvin Sampson in Milwaukee.
    Gordon and Sampson will go down in Hoosier history together. Fittingly, their college basketball careers ended abruptly and unceremoniously. And when they both begin their NBA careers, there is a good chance it could be together. If this happens, June 26 could be a day remembered in Hoosier infamy.

    If Gordon and Sampson join forces on the Bucks, it will be the end of the world as we know it.
    Deep breaths, Ben, deep breaths.
  • J.D. Mo at the Bob Boozer Jinx keeps on keepin' on with the Michael Redd to Cleveland trade. If the Bucks pull a salary dump of Redd then I'd have to get more than Wally World and Boobie Gibson--at the very least I'd want to add Varejao and Gadzuric into the mix plus some picks. Even then I'm not sure how compelling it is. Agent Dan Fegan would love having his clients Yi and Varejao battle for minutes, wouldn't he?