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Friday Bucks Notes

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  • Don Walker reports that David Stern isn't sounding the alarm quite yet on the Bradley Center.
    "I think down the road given the shape of the bowl and constriction of the site . . . that eventually the citizens of Milwaukee will be facing the issue of a replacement for the Bradley Center," Stern said. "But why rush it? It's a good dialogue to have, a good discussion to have. The negotiations between the Bucks and the Bradley Center will have to reflect on the need to squeeze additional dollars out of this facility. But the Bucks are well managed, and for a period of time, this arena will do. And the planning process will obviously have to begin."
    While it's nice that Stern hasn't gone into bad cop mode quite yet, I have the bad feeling that Stern's lack of urgency will simply lead to further complacency on the issue. Either way, the Bucks will have a much easier time campaigning for a taxpayer-funded arena if they're winning games.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald speculates that Andrew Bogut is in line for a $76 million extension (about AU$80 million) in July. I'm not sure who came up with that number, but Bogut for one isn't saying much.
    Bogut, asked by Channel 10 what the deal would mean to him, said: "More stress now, I guess."

    The 23-year-old must have the weight of the world on his shoulders. "It definitely is [a lot of money], uncomfortable to talk about, to be honest," he added.
    It's very possible the paper is simply speculating given some of the sketchy details provided (read: I'm hoping it's speculation).  For one, the paper states the extension will be for six years, but the CBA only allows extensions of rookie deals for five years. Given the Bucks have already exercised their team option for next season at $6.29 million, Bogut would have to sign a $70 million extension--an average of $14 million per season over five seasons--to reach the quoted figure over the next six seasons.

    As well as Bogut played at the close of the season, he's yet to make much difference in the win column and doesn't have the ceiling of Dwight Howard ($80 million extension last summer) or even Andrew Bynum (though at least Bogut has two healthy knees). Given those factors and previous deals with guys like Chris Kaman and Sam Dalembert, $55-60 million seems more fair, though that could also be wishful thinking. Of course, even $70 million would probably be a wiser investment than the $90 million (over six years) that Herb Kohl ponied up for Michael Redd three years ago. For the sake of Kohl's wallet, let's hope he doesn't let past overspending set precedents for the future.
  • Check out Charles Gardner's latest Bucks chat.
  • Gery Woelfel reports the Bucks like Kevin Love. Woelfel also writes that while Scott Skiles will have plenty of input in the draft process, he knows he's not the GM.
    "I understand the hierarchy of management,’’ Skiles said. "We’ll roll up our sleeves and work together on this. But when push comes to shove, John will pull the trigger.’’
  • Barcelona lost 75-64 in game one of the Spanish league finals, but Ersan Ilyasova racked up a season-high 21 points along with 10 rebounds for the Catalans.
  • The Bratwurst's latest mock draft has the Bucks going with Russell Westbrook.
    Since the Bucks don’t need Brook Lopez they probably go for the best avalilable player (if the draft shakes out like this — I trust that Minnesota, Memphis or LA will screw it up), and at this point it is between Westbrook and Anthony Randolph. They sure don’t need another soft, skinny 6′11″ player, so Westbrook is the choice.