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Draft Notes: Love in the mix, trading up a possibility?

Cruising around the net, here are some of your latest notes and rumors with less than 24 hours to go until the draft:

  • Sam Amico at the Pro Basketball News has a bit about Minnesota being interested in Joe Alexander, which I hadn't previously heard.
    Reports say the Timberwolves are aiming to use their third overall selection to land a veteran, or at the very least, trade down and select West Virginia forward Joe Alexander. Expect Milwaukee to get involved in these talks (if it isn’t already). The Bucks are also very high on Alexander and are considering selecing him at No. 8. That is, of course, unless the Wolves get to him first.
    The interesting part is that Amico contends the Heat will take Mayo and then trade him (maybe to the Clips?), which would leave Beasley available at the third pick. The Bucks last week were rumored to be interested in trading up for Mayo, but keep in mind that Hammond has a number of times referred to Rose/Beasley being the top two players in the draft. The Bucks landing Beasley? Apparently not as ludicrous as we thought. But still pretty ludicrous I'd guess.
  • With all the the talk about Alexander and Randolph, I've been a little surprised that there's been no mention of Kevin Love, who could slip outside the top seven if Memphis (or whoever has their pick) passes on him for Eric Gordon or Danilo Gallinari at five. In a radio interview on Monday, Hammond mentioned the possibility of one of the "smalls" being available, but didn't say anything about Love. However, Andy Katz writes that the Bucks have "interest" in Love, but he still expects the them to go with Alexander, whom he terms "the "safest pick in the lottery." I'd have to disagree with that description, but whatever.
  • Chad Ford still has Alexander locked in at eight, though he acknowledges Randolph is also in the mix. Ford also has a breakdown of which teams are interested in each of the prospects; the Bucks are only mentioned for Love, Randolph and Alexander. He has Randolph going no higher than the Bucks' pick but writes that Alexander could go as high as sixth to the Knicks, who "seem to be really intrigued."
  • On the trade front, check out some back-and-forth over at RealGM about a rumor of Kirk Hinrich for Villanueva, Mason and the eighth pick.  As you might guess, most people aren't thrilled. Trading Mason would also mess up the Bucks' draft party at Summerfest, since Desmond is the only Buck who's supposed to be there. Quick, where's Awvee Storey?
  • Dan Walsh and Jim Ganzer at the Sportsbubbler again provide some good video footage from the workout yesterday. Most notably, John Hammond sounds pretty content to stay with the eighth pick. Or at least he wants us to think he is.