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Friday Notes: Redd staying? All about RJ, Alexander and draft reaction

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  • John Hollinger writes that the Jefferson deal was all business for the Nets, but makes the Bucks better immediately.
    Jefferson can guard the opponent's top perimeter threat, much like he did in New Jersey, and should be effective in that role. Additionally, the presence of Michael Redd and Mo Williams means Jefferson won't be asked to be the creator that he was in New Jersey, saving everyone some headaches. It's enough to make you take Milwaukee's playoff hopes seriously again.
  • It's just a start, but Michael Hunt likes what he saw on Thursday. John Hammond sounded last night like he prefers to keep Michael Redd, and this morning Hunt thinks so, too.
    Second, the Bucks apparently intend to keep Michael Redd. I don't think Hammond was blowing smoke when he said the goal was to surround their Olympian with quality players. That means they still must find a point guard, because Mo Williams cannot stay in the same backcourt with Redd.
  • Dave Heller at the JS collects league reaction to the Alexander pick.
  • Ted Bauer at ESPN The Mag is feeling good about the Bucks.
  • Trevor Smith at Hoops Addict chronicles the long journey that brought Alexander to Milwaukee.
  • Tom Enlund writes Alexander is excited to be a Buck.  What a novel change of pace from 2007, eh?
  • Bill Simmons isn't sounding bitter about being passed over for the Bucks' GM gig.
    5:18: Milwaukee takes Joe Alexander with the eighth pick, a good idea because Bilas thinks he's a "freak of an athlete" and has "freakish athleticism." And if that's not enough, he was born in Taiwan and speaks Mandarini. I like what I'm doing as the new Bucks GM -- I stole Richard Jefferson for a broken-down Bobby Simmons and the Chairman, and I drafted a proven college player with freakish athleticism who speaks Mandarin and gives the state of Wisconsin a white guy to rally around. I'm 2-for-2! YES WE CAN!